Intellectual community calls for no new measures to be forced upon Greece

Intellectual community calls for no new measures to be forced upon Greece

Athens, May 9, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Dozens of intellectuals, politicians, journalists and trade unionists from around the world are calling on the leaders of the major countries of the European Union, to the competent European institutions, as well as those conducting the negotiations, do make a turn so that the tranches of loans are given to Greece and no new measures are imposed, to give humanitarian aid and have a restructuring of the greek debt this year.

“It is about to prevent the suffocation of Greece and its democratically elected government, under pressure constant debt service claims by negotiators”, as they write characteristically.

“The disastrous humanitarian situation in Greece has long been known.Add to this the exceptional loads, carrying the Greek population with the reception and care of fugitives. In this situation, Greece needs real support its European neighbors and no additional austerity measures. Time is short: In order at all can be a policy of crisis management in Greece, immediate steps are essential. You have it in your hands to prevent the collapse of political action in Greece… After years of privation and economic collapse now more austerity to demand is politically blind to reality, not economically justified and can not be expected of the Greek population”, they add.

The letter was first published by the german financial reflection magazine, in the website of which is published full text.

“Because time is short”, the signatories ask with this letter, primarily from David Cameron, Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel and Matteo Renzi, but also institutions, to take immediate measures to address the crisis in Greece.

Specifically, they call for “all previously agreed rate of credit extended to Greece are scheduled to be paid to ensure debt service and no claims are made more for new austerity measures” and that Greece receives “additional funding to tackle the humanitarian crisis of its own population”.

Furthermore, “that this year a Greek debt restructuring in a tolerable for the land form (long-term debt securities with lower interest rates) is introduced. In the underlying assessment of debt sustainability, the coated requirements are lower in the short and long-term budgetary targets”.

Signatories also advocate limiting the excessive short-term objectives of the Greek budget.

The initiative of this open letter belongs to the German political analyst of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Judith Delheim and philosophy professor at the Free University of Berlin-Frieder Otto Wolf.

The signatories of the letter are:

Nicola Acocella, Roma, Italia economist,

Elmar Altvater, Berlin, Germany, political economist, member of the scientific council of ATTAC-Germany

Antoine Artous, Paris, France, political scientist

Étienne Balibar, Paris, France, philosopher

Thomas Barth, Ilmmünster / Munich, Germany sociologist,

Rudolph Bauer, Bremen, Germany sociologist, publicist

Seyla Benhabib, Yale, USA, philosopher, political scientist

Stefan Bestmann, Berlin, Germany, social research

Jacques Bidet, Paris, France, philosopher

Hans-Jürgen Bieling, Tübingen, Germany, political scientist

Gretchen Binus, Berlin, Germany economist,

Joachim Bischoff, Hamburg, Germany sociologist, and journalist

Heinz – J. Bontrup, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, economists

Andreas.Botsch, Berlin, Germany economist,

Miriam Boyer, Berlin, Germany, sociologist, social scientist

Reiner Braun, Berlin, Germany, Co-President of the International Peace Bureau (IPB)

Michael Brie, Schöneiche, Germany, philosopher

Andrea Brock, Hurth, Germany, international relations

Susan Buck-Morss, New York, USA, philosopher, intellectual historian

Judith Butler, Berkeley, Calif., USA, philosopher

Claude Calame, Paris, France, social anthropologist

Mario Candeias, Berlin, Germany, political scientist

Patrice Cohen-Seat, Paris, France, lawyer, honorary president of Espaces Marx

Laurence Cox, Dublin, Eire sociologist,

Alexis Cukier, Strasbourg, France, philosopher

Rolf Czeskleba-Dupont, Hvalsø, Danmark, geographer

Bo Dahlqvist, Waterloo, Belgium, student

Georgios Daremas, Athens, Hellas, member of the Executive Committee of ATTAC-Hellas

Nick Dearden, London, Great Britain, campaigner, director of a democratic justice organization

Judith Dell Home, Berlin, Germany, political economist

Andreas Diers, Bremen, Germany, historian

Stéphane Douailler, Paris, France, philosopher

Sebastian Dullien, Berlin, Germany economist,

Rolf Eckart, Munich, Germany, a social activist

Roland Erne, Dublin, Eire, Senior Lecturer, School of Business, University College Dublin

Trevor Evans, Berlin, Germany economist,

Michael Ewert, Munich, Germany, in German studies

Jean Louis Fabiani, Budapest, Hungary Magyar, sociologist / social anthropologist

Karl Fischbacher, Vienna, Austria, Labournet-Austria

Nancy Fraser, New York, USA, critical theorist,

Hans-Peter gases, Munich, Germany, member of “Social Forum Munich”

Dorothea Harlin, Berlin, Germany, member of “Berlin Water Table”

Peter Herrmann, Roma, Italia, social scientist

Gustav Horn, Dusseldorf, Germany economist,

Claus-Dieter König, Brussel / Bruxelles, Belgium, director of the Brussels office of a foundation

Joachim Klein, Offenbach, Germany, political theory and philosophy

Jürgen Klute, Herne, ex-MEP, Germany

Sudhir Kumar, Chennai, India architect,

Jeremy Leaman, Loughborough, Great Britain, European Political Economy

Steffen Lehndorff, Duisburg, Germany, social researcher

Jürgen Leibiger, Radebeul, Germany economist,

Brian Leslie, Tunbridge Wells, Great Britain economist,

Jakic Ljubomir, Bruxelles, Belgium, journalist

Camille Louis, Paris, France, philosopher and dramaturgist

Alberto Martínez Sánchez, the Valencia, Spain, vice president of ATTAC in Valencia region

Angie Mathieu, Paris, France, student / squatter

Sandro Mezzadra, Bologna, Italy, political theorist

Hans Misselwitz, Berlin, Germany

Margret Moenig-Raane, Berlin, Germany, former trade union leader services

Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Oxford, Great Britain, international relations

Norman Paech, Hamburg, Germany jurist,

Dagmar Paternoga, Bonn, Germany, Councilmember of ATTAC Germany

Helmut Penschinski, Wuppertal, Germany economist,

Bruce Robbins, New York, NY, USA, English and Comparative Literature

Michelle Riot-Sarcey, Paris, France, historian

Thomas Sablowski, Frankfurt aM, Germany, political scientist

Pierre Salama, Paris, France, Latin-American studies

Thomas Sauer, Jena, Germany economist,

Patrick Saurin, Paris, France, Spokesperson for the French Union Sud Solidaires BPCE

Gesine Schwan, Berlin, Germany, political scientist

Mechthild Schrooten, Bremen, Germany economist,

Ingo Schulze, Berlin, Germany, writer

Ursel Schumm-Garling, Berlin, Germany sociologist,

Lynne Segal, London, Great Britain, psycho-social Studies

Jai Sen, New Delhi, India, Director of CACIM – India Institute for Critical Action: Centre in Movement

Francis Sitel, ###, France, political analyst

Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Coimbra, Portugal, social scientist

Dieter Spöri, Berlin, Germany, former minister of economics

Elsa Stamatopoulos, New York, NY, USA, jurist anthropologist,

Roland Suss, Birkenau, Germany, member of council of Attac Germany

Rolf Sukowski, Berlin, Germany, chair of OWUS eV

Barbara Spinelli MEP, Roma, Italia

Axel Troost, MP, Leipzig, Germany economist,

Hans-Jürgen Urban, Frankfurt a. M., Germany, Board of the Metal Workers’ Union

Marie-Dominique Vernhes, Hamburg, Germany

Lode Vanoost, Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium, former Deputy Speaker of the Belgian House of Representatives

Guido Viale, Milano, Italia economist,

Antje Vollmer, Vice-President of the German Bundestag a D, Berlin

Immanuel Wallerstein, New Haven, Conecticut, USA, social scientist and social historian

Angela Wigger, Nijmegen, Nederlands, international political economist

Ulrich Wilken, MP, Germany, Frankfurt a. M.

Frieder Otto Wolf, Berlin, ex-MEP, Germany, philosopher

Harald Wolf, MdA, Berlin, Germany

Andrea Ypsilanti, MP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Gabi Zimmer, MEP, Werder, Germany, group president