Instructions for tourists in Greece

Instructions for tourists in Greece


Greece is a top tourist destination worldwide. In the last decade, the number of tourists is increasing steadily. In 2004, 14.2 million people visited Greece, a number that grew to 17 million in 2008 and it is expected that visitors will reach 20 million in the next year, almost twice the population of the country.

The increasing number of tourists as well as the profile of today’s traveler, require diversification and enrichment of the tourist product of our country and the development of the infrastructure. In the context of better service to tourists, the Consumer Association – Quality of Life (EKPIZO), noting that many problems occur in the accommodation of travelers, be it hotels or resorts, issued a guide to avoid any problems during your stay in accommodations.

First of all, you should select accommodation units that have the special function stamp of the Greek Tourism Organisation (EOT) and second, before starting your holiday learn your rights.

Specifically EKPIZO tells you:

1. If you have booked a room in a hotel you should be aware of the following:

Prices are formed freely and must be displayed in each room.

All advertised amenities must be followed, that is it must offer exactly what you asked and agreed depending on the capabilities of the hotel and the room (distance from the sea, view, air conditioning, television, internet, breakfast, etc).

The hotelier is entitled to ask you for a 25% of the price of the room (optional), but cannot be less than one day’s rent.

The deposit is lost if you cancel or postpone the trip and have not the hotelier in time (at least 21 days before), otherwise they are obliged to return the deposit.

In case you use the room less than the agreed time period, if promptly notify, you have no charge, otherwise you are forced to pay 50% of the price originally agreed.

In order to be covered, the hotelier must respond in writing by fax or e-mail within 3 days to accept your booking. If there is no written answer or other proof of booking, it shall be considered to have been booked for one day and will be updated daily implicitly (if neither the client nor the hotelier states otherwise).

Clear the room by 12 at noon, since if you stay until 6 pm you will be charged 50% of the price.

If the hotelier fails to provide the room that has been agreed, they are required to provide accommodation to alternative accommodation of at least the same class in the same city, which offers the same amenities and services as those advertised by their own accommodation.

The hotelier is liable only for precious or valuable items and money delivered by the customer, giving a receipt.

Keeping pets of any kind in the hotel is prohibited, unless the hotel provides a special area for this purpose. In any case there must be a prior arrangement between the hotelier and tourist consumer on this issue.

The cost of phone calls from the hotel is free.

2. Regarding rooms to let, EKPIZO informs you to look for the following:

To have the stamp of EOT.

To have the basic equipment of a house (refrigerator, kitchen, utensils).

To have good lighting.

To be clean and provide with bed linen and towels.

The prices are formed by the owner, but it is mandatory for the price do be displayed in the rooms.

EKPIZO advises you if you encounter any problem you can contact:

At the offices of Greek Tourist Police (phone number: 1571)

The Greek National Tourism Organization (phone number: +30 210-3310392, +30 210-3310716, e-mail: [email protected])

The General Secretariat for Consumer Affairs (phone number: 1520, fax +30 210-38 42 642, e-mail: [email protected])

EKPIZO (phone number: +30 210-3304444, e-mail: [email protected])