Inmates defeat the national side in a football match

Inmates defeat the national side in a football match

Tirana, February 27, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

For the first time, inmates who suffer prison sentences in Albanian correctional facilities have played a match against the Albanian national football team and which they have won.

General Prisons Directorate, in collaboration with the Albanian Football Association organized the final match of the 2015 football mini-championship in prisons, which saw a confrontation between inmates and players of the Albanian national side.

The match was played in the “Besa” stadium in Kavaja, where prison police and state police forces guaranteed the necessary security measures during the match.

Minister of Justice, Nasip Naco, followed the match from the stadium. He said that he supported the inmates team. “I’ve always been a fan of the national side, but today, the team of my heart is the one in white”, he said, referring to the inmates team.

As far as the security of inmates is concerned during the match which was played in an open space, such as “Besa” stadium, minister Naco said that such activities are stimulating and rehabilitating, therefore, support for them is is given without any hesitation.

“I would be ready to risk my career in order not to prevent this match from being played”, said he.

The final match followed a mini championship which has lasted several months between prisons in Albania. The inmates were selected from several finalist teams, mainly from high security prisons, where inmates are suffering their sentences for committing serious crimes.

At the end of the match Albanian Football Association awarded a cup for the inmates team which won the match 6 goals to 3. /ibna/

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