Industries in FYROM are the biggest energy consumers

Industries in FYROM are the biggest energy consumers

Skopje, February 16, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The amount of power supply that FYR Macedonia consumes is not proportional to its economic production activity. According to the State Entity of Statistics, power supply consumption for production unit in the country is 3,5-4 times higher than the European average and twice as much as the countries of the region.

The old technology used in most of industrial facilities makes the country non efficient in the exploitation of energy in relation to GDP.

Economy experts say that the delays in the construction of a gas distribution network in FYR Macedonia, also has an impact in the low competition of domestic products as opposed to the countries of the region, such as Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, which use gas in production.

“The excess consumption of energy comes as a result of a non efficient exploitation and old technology that has an impact in the competition of products in the domestic and foreign market. This situation can be improved through the reduction of consumption by managing and efficient use of energy through the installment of integrated systems”, declared the expert of industrial management, Dragan Blazhev, on the occasion of the report that relates to the consumption of energy in the domain of industrial production.

Experts believe that the use of new technologies can cut energy consumption in the economy by 10 to 15%. /ibna/