Indecent acts in the orphanage of Shkoder, young girls raped

Indecent acts in the orphanage of Shkoder, young girls raped

Tirana, 19 May 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

An indecent event has taken place in the orphanage of Shkoder, which is the biggest city of the North of Albania, where young girls have been abused sexually by being unchasted through rape.

The abusive acts have taken place in outings organized by the orphanage in the tourist resorts of Velipoja and Razma.

The perpetrators of these sexual acts with young girls are two sons of the workers of this orphanage. The little girls have been unchasted through rape.

Prosecution of Shkoder has officially confirmed the arrest of five people, among them the former directress of the orphanage and four other workers of this institution, whose job is to protect children without support and without parents.

The five arrested people face criminal charges of “Abuse with duty” and “Maltreatment of children”. Prosecution of Shkoder said that it has reasonable doubts that the sexual violence has come due to the negligence of the orphanage’s personnel.

The scandal doesn’t end here. Inquiries have revealed that personnel of the center have abused physically, maltreated and forced children to do work in this social center.

The prosecution’s report says that the children have talked about violence which was beyond human capacities. They have confessed that they have been beaten with wood sticks and chair legs. “10 year old girls who were forced to mop the orphanage, there have been indecent and discriminating behavior against Roma children and constant psychological violence against children”, states the report, part of which IBNA publishes. /