Increase in the price of electricity, debates in the Parliament of Kosovo

Increase in the price of electricity, debates in the Parliament of Kosovo

Pristina, 8 May 8, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Debates have taken place today in the Parliament of Kosovo about the motion signed by 33 thousand citizens of Kosovo against the increase in the price of electricity.

During this parliamentary session, PM Isa Mustafa said that this year, the price of electricity will not increase.

“I believe that all structures must look at the structure of price, what is the producer’s price and what must be the price that those who consume electricity. This year there will not be a price increase”, Mustafa declared.

Naser Osmani, head of the Parliamentary Committee for Budget and Finance said that “The request to control the price of electricity is against the Constitution because we support the free market”.

According to him, the free market means that prices of electricity are not only affected by local production, but also by imports.

“Electricity is a product like any other and it must be treated as such”, he said.

Teuta Sahatqija, of LDK, said that the recommendations have been partially analyzed and taken into account.

“Social categories are being subsidized. There are 33 thousand and 884 families being subsidized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare”, she said.

Visar Ymeri from Self Determination said that the motion of the citizens against the increase in the price of power supply will remain in the parliament’s offices for a long time. He said that this motion had to be discussed in winter and not in May.

Ymeri said that from 2012 until now, consumers in Kosovo have to pay 27% more for the price of power supply.

Meanwhile, the minister of Finance, Avdullah Hoti said that the government of Kosovo has allocated around 4,5 million Euros worth of subsidies for families in need, in order to lower the burden of power supply bills. /ibna/