Ince’s threats to the Chief of the 2nd Army and Erdogan’s reply

Ince’s threats to the Chief of the 2nd Army and Erdogan’s reply

The election campaign in Turkey strongly affects the Turkish armed forces, as the presence of the Chief of Turkey’s 2nd Army and his applause to Recep Tayyip Erdogan provoked intense controversy with the opposition.

The Turkish president on Friday evening gave a speech in the city of Malatya at an Iftar dinner. There, after making many accusations against his opponent in the June 24 presidential election, he said, “You do not deliver the shop to minions. You do not hand over Turkey to the minions of politics… We can not hand over the country’s administration to people who have no experience and success in politics”. At that point the 2nd Army Chief Ismail Metin Temel began to applaud.

This spectacle has annoyed presidential nominee Muharrem Ince, who threatened to strip the Chief of the 2nd Army of his rank.

“For the first time in the history of the Turkish Republic, a general participates in a speech of a political party leader. In this speech he does not talk about the homeland, about the flag, about the nation. In this speech, he blames me. At the point where he blames me, the general applauds Erdogan.

On August 30, he will be the first general I will retire. I will strip him of his rank”, Ince said.

The Turkish president in his speech on Sunday in the city of Aksaray recalled that the leader of the Second Army was the one who won the battle of Afrin and said he should be shown the proper respect./IBNA