Incentive for Kosovo, new party formed by the speaker of parliament and former Thaci’s minister

Incentive for Kosovo, new party formed by the speaker of parliament and former Thaci’s minister

Pristina, February 28, 2014//Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

A new party has emerged in the political arena of Kosovo. Two protagonists of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Fatmir Limaj and Jakup Krasniqi announced today (28.02) in Pristina their new political subject called Incentive for Kosovo.

IBNA’s correspondent in Pristina who followed this afternoon the presentation of this party said that this subject was received with enthusiasm at the House of Youth in Pristina, which was filled with supporters and future members of this political subject.

The leader of this new party will be Fatmir Limaj, former minister of Transport in the government of prime minister Hashim Thaci, while Jakup Krasniqi, current speaker of parliament will be the chairman of the National Committee.

In his speech during the conference for the presentation of the party, Fatmir Limaj declared that “Incentive for Kosovo” must act as a guideline about the changes that must happen in Kosovo.

“Wherever we’ve gone, we have been asked when we will launch the party. And today, we’re saying that we are launching it. As of today, Kosovo has a new incentive and a new political alternative. Today we’re not only announcing the creation of a political party, but we’re showing that this is a proof that change is taking place. We’re joined by the vision, the courage to change and the hope to continue”, declared Limaj.

Limaj said that “it’s a sin to do politics without principles”, warning that: “Incentive for Kosovo will have principles based on the team leadership and professionalism”.

Member of parliament of PDK, the main political force of the current governing majority, speaking as part of another party, said that the citizens listen on a daily basis slogans for European integration, but institutions are unstable and new jobs are not being opened.

“How can we talk about integration when we have unstable institutions? Today we launch 30 thousand young people in the labor market”, said he.

On this occasion, Limaj has invited citizens to join to the new political subject “to change the future of Kosovo”.

Meanwhile, Jakup Krasniqi declared that the new political subject aims to consolidate the rule of law and talked about the phenomenon of electoral fraud warning that every attempt of this nature will be prevented.

“We will support every incentive to make electoral frauds impossible. Authoritarianism and tyranny have frozen our aspiration for the functioning of the state”, said Krasniqi.

Krasniqi said that the individual privileges of several people have caused great damages to Kosovo and have encouraged people to emigrate.

“Our party will engage for the return of citizens in Kosovo. The Incentive for Kosovo will find new forms of cooperation with the countries of the region, especially with Albania and we will engage in order to create a joint market. Our incentive wants the unification of the citizens to make the changes that the country needs”, said Krasniqi, reports IBNA’s correspondent.

Who are the leaders of the “Incentive…”

Limaj and Krasniqi have been founders of the Democratic Party of Kosovo and close collaborators of prime minister Hashim Thaci. They are known in the public opinion as the two most voted personalities at PDK, after prime minister Thaci.

Kosovar analysts believe that the new party will have an impact in the loss of PDK in the next parliamentary elections.

Analyst and political analyst, Nexhmedin Spahiu, speaking for IBNA, says that the new political subject will contribute in order for PDK to fall from power.

“This party will certainly contribute for PDK to fall from power. We are waiting to see the progress of this new political subject. This party will welcome many members of the party in power in its ranks”, said Spahiu.

The prime minister reacts

In the meantime, the prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci declared today (28.02) that the departure of Fatmir Limaj and Jakup Krasniqi from the Democratic Party of Kosovo will not damage this party.

“It’s in the nature of everyone to be politically orientated or reorientated”, said he.

The prime minister is convinced that even after the departure of Limaj and Krasniqi, the Democratic Party of Kosovo will continue to be no. 1 party in the country.

“I’d like to stress that the Democratic Party of Kosovo is extremely well organized. It’s the most powerful party and no. 1 party in the Republic of Kosovo. PDK is the party which will win the 2014 elections. The Democratic Party of Kosovo will continue to govern for another term”, declared Thaci. /ibna/