In memory of the fathers of great lies

In memory of the fathers of great lies

Erol Rizaov

Now that NATO membership and the start of negotiations with the EU have become a reality for the future of the country, we should constantly remind ourselves, so that we never forget that in the recent history the greatest Macedonian lies have evolved into truths. This is necessary for our further tough battles against short-term memory, against primitivism and backwardness, against populism and fraud, against the abuse of any power and rulers, against organized crime and corruption, against greed and the spoilt spending of the citizen’s poor living.

Proton pseudos in Ancient Greek means the father of the first hysterical lie. This is a literal translation. The true interpretation is a little more complicated, but very interesting and educational. In fact, the use of this wise term of the ancient philosophers, even after 2500 years, has a deep meaning to this day. When you publicly and suggestively tell a great lie which many people will believe, you will have to continue to lie for a very long time. So you become the father of the great lie, constantly feeding it with one lie after another, paying close attention to not being revealed. In the end, you will beautifully decorate and upgrade your spectacular fabrication with long tails that has already become the property of many minds, and will make you yourself will believe in it. When the truth is revealed, you will victoriously will announce – what did I tell you. With additions to the pile of lies, it will not be difficult for you to prove that you have always spoken the truth. Macedonia is full of fathers of great lies, comfortably protected within the reeking pond of politics.

Our lying “fathers” first lied to us that the Republic of Macedonia would become a member of NATO and the EU without changing anything in the name of the country, which quite understandably was swallowed by thousands of people. All well-meaning indications that this is not possible without fulfilling a number of other prerequisites and compromise solutions, including an addition to the country’s name, were welcomed with new lies that it is a conspiracy of the great Western powers against Macedonia and the Macedonian people, which has deep antique roots. They invented the glorious past that we are direct descendants of Alexander the Great of Macedonia in order to feel better and more superior. For this lie to be accepted as truth, they paid billions of denars, money that belongs to the poorest nation in Europe, and they made the country and the capital city unrecognizable, the horror of common sense.

Hundreds of thousands of citizens believed this glorious lie. Those who did not believe this and accepted the concessions to swallow the toad while it was small to secure the future of the country were declared traitors and enemies. When the tyrants ruined decades of the lives of all citizens, they ravaged the state and filled their pockets with millions of the citizens’ money and threw them in debt to their noses, again lied that all preconditions for membership in NATO and the EU were fulfilled to the last point, what was left was the name which was not for sale. When it was nice to see that we cannot start negotiations with the EU and become a member of NATO with lies, without fulfilling a whole set of homework, political, historical, educational, economic and cultural, as well as specific agreements for good neighborly relations with all neighbors, and a mutually acceptable addition to the name Republic of Macedonia, the scam is launched that we are world champions in economic reforms, and that a reasonable compromise on the name is possible, but it is not for all uses.

Then there were remarks such as – why do we need an alliance with NATO, the cop of the world and an with the EU-egoistic, which is facing collapse, and is not at all inclined to our country. There are always other, better alternatives. The “fathers”, through their instant intellectuals and media servants, served us a million other lies a day. When the knowledge that this leads the country to total plunder and decay before the raids of the bombs of truth prevailed, the bastion of immutability fell and freed itself from the anachronistic chains, but the lies remained and received new monstrous dimensions. Organized hordes in order to hinder justice and punishment for the biggest robbery and abuse of power, the bloody incursion in Parliament, were proclaimed a sublime morale and patriotic acts for saving Macedonia.

The good neighborly relations and the signing of the Prespa Agreement with Greece and the Treaty with Bulgaria have become “proof” that the bastards were right. There was an attack of new lies that a great treachery was committed, that we were left without a name and surname, without national identity and citizenship, without language and dignity. The Republic of Macedonia no longer exists, this is an artificial creation of the traitors and the illegitimate government. The escape of the country’s criminals and of justice is still portrayed as the feats of heroes fleeing jail due to torture. The liberation of the captured state and the first more serious attempts at the rule of law are proclaimed a new, yet more difficult slavery. And, the obstructers of justice and the trials scream “catch the thief.” Without any shame, they go on and on on television and social media and newspapers about democracy and human rights and freedoms, the growing crime and corruption, the urban mafia, and the state’s witch-hunt for everything they’ve been doing for over a decade. Instead of cleansing their polluted criminogenic environment from tons and tons of waste, they decided to put their garbage in someone else’s backyard.

And now, here are the cops with the latest great lie that they were in favor of NATO and the EU. They were about to advocate around the world for the country to become a NATO member, and get a date next year for negotiations with the EU, that those who have completed this job weren’t any good, that there are no changes and reforms in the country, that the abuse of power has never been greater, there has never been more crime and corruption. They demand the rule of law, after their criminals are released and declared innocent. They are no longer bothered by the new-old name Republic of North Macedonia, the lost identity of the Macedonian people and the threat to our language. In doing so, they are wise enough not to speak very loudly. They say that all these identities were preserved because they were indestructible, especially if they were not at all threatened by the Prespa agreement.

As if the patriots of the revolutionary party are going around the world and talk nonsense only for their own needs that there were no reforms, no justice, but there was crime, but because of their great authority and effect, if North Macedonia gets a date for starting negotiations it will be thanks to them. And imagine thid – there are still people who believe these lies. And, in essence, the leftovers of the Gruevism are called in Europe for a completely different thing. To tell them to stop obstructing, because with their activity and lies they are tying the hands of European influential politicians who have made their huge investment for Macedonia to overcome obstacles with its neighbors and to fulfill all the prerequisites for starting negotiations with the EU this year, and to become a regular NATO member. They tell them not in a diplomatic way, but in an understandable manner, directly and with simple sentences, to accept reality and stop obstructing justice, to give full support to the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office. They are silent as lambs, they accept all “directives”, promising to be major advocates of the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

And yet again they lie when they return home, concealing their consent that they will have nothing to do with what has been agreed with Greece and Bulgaria, and what has been decided inside the country, as a major contribution to the Europeanization of North Macedonia. They write their own in memoriam of the fathers of great lies.

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