The important messages of US Secretary of State, John Kerry in Kosovo

The important messages of US Secretary of State, John Kerry in Kosovo

The renowned Albanian politician, Prof. Dr. Kastriot Islami analyzes Kerry’s visit to Pristina

Tirana, 3 December 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

In the framework of an intensive agenda in Europe, the US State Secretary, John Kerry, held a visit to Pristina for a meeting with the prime minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa and his two deputies, Hashim Thaci and Branimir Stojanovic.

The meeting was held in the premises of the airport and immediately after this, Mr. Kerry left Kosovo.

Kerry said that the United States back the process of talks for the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia. Meanwhile, he clarified that the US would never support an agreement which would damage the sovereignty and independence of Kosovo.

“Make no mistake. We would back no agreement which would threaten Kosovo’s sovereignty and independence. We have invested a lot together in order not to allow the future of Kosovo to be jeopardized”, Kerry said.

Kerry also commented the incidents taken place in the recent weeks in Pristina and called for debates to take place in parliament, which must be the temple of democracy and not a place where teargas is let off.

“Violence is unacceptable and parliament must be the place of debate”, secretary Kerry said.

Regarding Mr. Kerry’s visit to Pristina, Albanian MP, Kastriot Islami, who is a former speaker of parliament and several times a minister in the past 25 years, says that this was a very important visit and sees it as “a significant signal for Kosovo and all of the Albanians in the region”.

Mr. Islami makes a thorough analysis for the messages given by secretary Kerry. For Mr. Islami, it’s important to identify the fact which was mentioned by Mr. Kerry that the agreements made by Kosovo and Serbia have been courageous and the USA fully support them. Islami also mentions Mr. Kerry’s claim that the USA will never allow any agreements that affect Kosovo’s sovereignty or integrity.

Islami identifies another “guideline” given by Mr. Kerry: “Fight corruption and organized crime, strengthen democratic state and the rule of law”.

The renowned MP and politician also mentions Mr. Kerry’s request that the majority in Kosovo must offer the necessary conditions for free speech in parliament, while the opposition must give up on its extreme instruments and the sides must engage in talks and come to an agreement”.

Another main element from Mr. Kerry’s messages was the one regarding terrorism. Mr. Islami analyzes: “Another important message from Mr. Kerry was his request for Kosovo to fight terrorism and radicalism.” Islami says that another important message issued by Mr. Kerry during his visit to Pristina was that “USA and the EU are Kosovo’s partners, because the future of Kosovo is in the NATO and EU”.

Islami also points out an advice given by Mr. Kerry: “Be responsible in order not to create any delays in your path toward the EU and NATO and do not leave any room for tertiary factors”.

On the other hand, Dr. Islami also analyzes the interests that the Americans have in the region: “The American interests strongly resonate with the interests of Albanians in the region and  this is one of the main causes that led to the fulfillment of the century long dreams such as independent Kosovo, Albania in the NATO and EU member candidate, Albanians of Macedonia who are expecting to become EU members and Kosovo in the NATO”.

Mr. Islami sees these achievements and objectives as the only options that Albanians in the region  must see: “These achievements must not be forgotten and they must bear them in mind in order not to damage any of them and also to advance into the future more quickly. No other option brings progress, besides those that resonate with the USA and EU”.

But how can the interests of Albanians resonate with those of the Americans? Dr. Islami has an answer: “Our interests can fully resonate with the American ones if we continue to build a system of western democracy, if we fight corruption with zero tolerance and if we abandon authoritarian behaviors of oligarchic and criminal governance. But if we want to strongly preserve the strategic partnership with the USA and EU, all ‘tertiary factors’ who are currently active in our region, must be ruled out”. /ibna/