Important archeological discovery in Cappadocia

Important archeological discovery in Cappadocia

Ankara, January 6, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Manolis Kostidis

One of the largest underground cities in the world was discovered

Turkish archeologists refer to the discovery as the largest underground city in the world, dating 5000 years. This city was discovered in Cappadocia completely by chance, during the demolition of a buildings from the Urban Development department for the construction of new buildings, in the town of Nevsehir.

According to reports in the Turkish press, the city area reaches 700,000 square meters and the engineers who were digging in the area indicate that in this ancient underground city there are wide galleries, underground tunnels and hidden churches.

The mayor of the city Nevşehir Hasan Ünver, trying to explain the enormity of discovery, said that the other known underground towns of Cappadocia look like “kitchens”, when compared with the newly discovered city.

In the coming days the area will be marked as a protected archaeological site and the construction work of the new residences will stop.

Cappadocia is a major tourist destination and is known for other underground cities, mostly that of Derinkuyu, which was created to accommodate an entire community for many months. It consists of a complex network of narrow tunnels and small rooms, with food storage rooms, stables animals, wine cellars and kitchens. The depth of the city exceeds 80 meters and its purpose was to protect and house its residents when their city came under attack by invaders.