The importance of establishing a Special Court by Kosovo

The importance of establishing a Special Court by Kosovo

Analysis/The establishment of a Special Court by institutions of Kosovo is the best way to save the country from an eventual danger. MPs have only one alternative, in compliance with the Constitution, to vote in the interest of the state of Kosovo and its future. Otherwise, the map of Kosovo would be blackened so much that it would take 200 years to restore it

By Seremb Gjergji*

Parliament of Kosovo still cannot decide if it should include Kosovo on the list of countries with International War Crimes Tribunals. This gives Kosovo a Black Spot, which is entirely unnecessary.

If parliament doesn’t establish the Special Court on War Crimes, then Kosovo will join to the most terrifying countries as far as the International War Crimes Tribunal is concerned, such as Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone, Lebanon, Cambodia and East Timor.

If such thing happens, Kosovo will have to face the worst consequences and the worst image in the world.

Let us not forget that if this court is voted by the Parliament of Kosovo, then it’s established based on the laws of the state of Kosovo and nobody else’s.

All of those who do not vote in parliament, in compliance with the Constitution of Kosovo, for the establishment of the Special Court, do nothing more than act in Serbia’s interest and its friends who do not want Kosovo and our people.

We must show that we do not fear justice, but embrace it as a foundation of our new democracy.

The truth is that the Special Court is being established by Dick Marty’s report and prime minister Thaci is a key player on this one.

Kosovo’s justice institutions must find models, possibilities, strength and the right path to establish the Special Court on War Crimes and Post War Crimes in Kosovo.

A number of crimes have been committed in our country, besides the crimes committed by Serb police, military and paramilitary forces. The creation of this court also completes the cycle of the Unification of the Judicial System in Kosovo. This court must deal with all cases. It must not dare to take hasty decisions, but neither act in the best interest of particular people.

In case Kosovo lawmakers will make the creation of this court by the institutions of the country impossible, then United Nations will create this Tribunal for Us.

Thus, We must not offer a chance to the UNO to put Kosovo into this vortex; this must not happen!

If this happens, we offer an opportunity to Russia and other countries, including Serbia, to deny the proclamation of the Independence of Kosovo in order for Kosovo continue to be under UNO protectorate.

Consequences would be unimaginable and dramatic.

In order for this not to happen, MPs must vote the formation of the Special Court on War Crimes, in the best interest of the state and not for close interests.

The support of all democratic states is not lacking. What’s remained is only our will to work like we should.

*Journalist, TV producer, winner of Best Political Report award at CNN World Report in 2001, independent candidate for the President of the Republic of Kosovo