“I’m Spiderman”, a young man commits suicide in the middle of the airport. Security levels miserable?

“I’m Spiderman”, a young man commits suicide in the middle of the airport. Security levels miserable?

Tirana, 2 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

A car that breaks the fence and enters the air field. Masked people who rob sacks filled with millions of euros being transported abroad and disappear. Some police officers who were there, didn’t even move a finger. Others that followed them, didn’t find them.

Inside the terminal, in the only space where passengers of the only civil airport in the country enter and exit, a young man climbs the bars that create the roof, jumps and dies.

Two events which happen within a short period of time and which raise a question mark: Is security in the “Mother Teresa” international airport in miserable conditions?

This is what happened on Thursday afternoon.

Juglend Kapllanaj, a 23 years old young man, who had been in Germany for a while, returned to the country through a Serb airline. Upon his arrival in the Tirana airport, after crossing airport checks, he suddenly climbed the iron bars, as you can see the photo taken a few seconds before the fatal end.

In front of many passengers, their families and the airport’s personnel, he “announced” that he was “Spiderman” (a character of sci-fi movies). Police forces reached the scene a few moments later. This was the end: the young man jumped and died.

Passengers were terrified. Many of them ask: How can the state of security in the airport be so miserable?

“When I went to Italy, before mounting the plane with a 15 ml perfume, they told me that I was not allowed to have with me liquids in 100 ml bottles and they seized it. If you leave a buckle on, you could be searched. A few meters from here, someone climbs the iron bars, jumps off and shocks us all. This security has opposite standards and is absurd”, says Artan, a 36 year old man who was accompanying his relatives to Italy.

Thus, besides fear among passengers, this event has once again cast doubts on the level of security in the only international airport of Albania. They say that it is unexplainable how a passenger could climb the airport’s terrace so easily.

In the airport, officials keep quiet. Police doesn’t know what to say as to why they didn’t negotiate with the victim. An investigation has now been launched on the circumstances of this event. The main question now is: What will be the next shocking event which will once again demonstrate a low level of security in the only airport in Albania? /balkaneu.com/