Illiteracy is a worrying phenomenon in Kosovo

Illiteracy is a worrying phenomenon in Kosovo

Pristina, 8 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Based on the 2011 census, Kosovo has a total of 55 001 people who are illiterate. This constitutes 3,2% of the general population or 3,9% of people over the age of 10.

Education in Kosovo doesn’t have a very high quality. Primary education occupies 38,2% of the population, high school education occupies 24,3% while university education occupies 9,3%.

Meanwhile, the number of pupils that drop out school is very concerning as this makes the situation with education even more serious.

These figures come in the world day of literacy, which aims at raising the awareness of the international public opinion on illiteracy, which unfortunately is very present in many societies.

World literacy day was decided after the conference taken place in 8 September 1965 in Tehran between ministers of education and which aimed at fighting illiteracy.

According to UNESCO, around 775 million people in the planet don’t even have minimum education and 1 in 5 people are illiterate. /ibna/