IFIMES’ opinion poll in fYROMacedonia related to current events

IFIMES’ opinion poll in fYROMacedonia related to current events

The Republic of Macedonia 2018: Macedonian citizens of with an optimistic eye on the future” is the current analysis by the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on the current political situation in fYROMacedonia in connection with the name issue and changes that the government of Zoran Zaev wishes to bring about. Along with the analysis there is also an opinion poll.

The IFIMES the opinion poll was carried out on February 19 – 28 2018, fYROMacedonia “using the in-depth field interview method. The standard deviation was +/-3. Control was carried out per 10% of the sample. The degree of reliability was 95%”, IFIMES site reads.

“The random three-stage sample was used of 998 respondents who are male and female citizens of the Republic of Macedonia of lawful age. 63 randomly selected respondents refused to participate in the survey while 35 respondents did not comply with the defined sample. Demographic data was obtained from the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia. The structure of respondents from urban and non-urban areas has been harmonised approximately.  The ethnic, sexual, age, social and educational structure of the respondents resembles the structure of the population of the Republic of Macedonia on the basis of the data from State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia. The answers to the most relevant and interesting questions are presented below.”

The results show that,

  • most locals want their country to join the EU and NATO
  • 41% against 33% consider Greece a friendly state
  • an immense 63% support the present leadership in its efforts to resolve the name dispute
  • the majority assesses Zaev government’s work positively
  • whereas 70% of the people do not agree with president Ivanov’s moves
  • public prosecutor Katica Janeva has 78% of those asked by her side
  • they want Zoran Zaev to continue with the reconstruction of the present government
  • most of them want the adoption of the law on the use of the Albanian language and the languages of ethnic minorities in fYROMacedonia
  • and the majority are optimistic for the future as citizens of fYROMacedonia…./ IBNA

Source: IFIMES