If it weren’t for America

If it weren’t for America

This article has been written for Albanian Free Press newspaper and www.albanianfreepress.al  

By Frrok Çupi

For the first time since 1990, the American “moon” is less visible in the Albanian sky. Nonetheless, it’s always being said that “if it weren’t for America, then… things for us would go so much worse…”

But, surely, the reader wants to know why America is less visible in these moments?

There are tons of reasons. The political idea that Albania is dominated by leftists more than rightists, has somehow brought back the anti-American feelings of the leftists Workers’ Party. Here, this idea has been developed with the aim of gathering the people who are devoted to communism. But, in reality, their only objective is to promote anti-American feelings.

The main reason for these anti-American feelings is related to the victory of the conservative doctrine of Donald Trump. On one hand, the leftist government in our country cannot accept Trumpist conservatism or even Brexit, because here there’s so many demagogies, arrogance, servility toward foreigners, corruption, anti-nation stances and anti-family stances, etc. On the other hand, the political class (both left and right), is deeply dominated and captured by the libertarian leftism of George Sorros-one of the most bitter opponents of Donald Trump and the conservative doctrine of the current time.

In the midst of this leftist fog, it’s impossible for America’s light to penetrate.

However, everyone may think that “if it weren’t for America”, here, things for us would go so much worse”. This means that America has the biggest impact compared to other current decisive factors on our country…

What would be worst, “if it weren’t for American”?

If it weren’t for America, it would never be admitted that organized crime here is tied to politics and the state. After this, we could go back to the dark times of political punishments, and punish people for saying that crime has ties with the government.

But, yesterday, the Albanian Interior minister was obliged to say from Washington that authorities there had pointed out that “crime has ties with the state”. If it weren’t for America, today, our country would have turned into a world hub of money laundering. After this, the country would turn into a battle field between rivals. Yesterday, Washington spoke openly that it has some unfinished business with the Albanian government about the fight against money laundering.

No tragic truths that happen in our country would be admitted. The government has been abusing with the trust of people and this soon leads to an irreversible situation. People at least have America on their minds and this fills them with confidence. To feel relieved, people often get their minds off their government and think of America.

The question is: In such difficult situations about America’s reflection, how come it continues to be the most shining “planet” for Albania?

First, the traditional ties between America and Albania has never disappointed the Albanian national interests, contrary to what has happened with the other allies along the way, such as with the EU, the Soviet Union or China. America has found itself as a crucial factor of the fates of our nation.

Secondly, the European Union, the most accepted ally after 1990, has filled us with lots of distrust, especially at a time when the European Union finds itself in a crisis and its position it’s more unclear than in the period when Albania was divided and when the patriots blamed Europe for this division. For several years, the EU behaves in Tirana the same as in the Cindarella’s story, with promises of accession and at the same time with threats, insults, propaganda and by making a blind eye. The European Union “doesn’t know” how to cultivate drugs all over the country and it “doesn’t know” that there’s crime, it “doesn’t know” that there are people with values in this country, it “doesn’t know anything”… Even when the president of the European Commission came here, he didn’t really say much.

Thirdly, the influence of Russia and Turkey, however relevant it may be considered, it is not that great of an influence. Turkey brought aids for flooded population in Shkoder, but at that moment, people became more desperate and demanded “Autonomy”. It seems like these two powers have made a pact to be present here in order to threaten America, but not to exert a real impact. Russia exerts more of a conventional influence, rather than a threatening one, while Turkey’s influence has been inherited from the time of the Sublime Porte. None of them can inspire hope.

Even if the country remains without a government, America’s “shadow” would be enough here. Even in such circumstances, its influence is present.

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