IBNA/OP/ED-Creativity, the next generation

IBNA/OP/ED-Creativity, the next generation


By Mujë Buçpapaj*

Message on the World Day of Intellectual Property

The World Day of Intellectual property is another occasion to celebrate the novelty and creativity in our lives, but also to show the dedication of our society in defending intellectual property, copyrights and neighboring rights.

Every year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), selects a slogan to inspire the global community of creators, defenders of intellectual property, but also to point out a unique aspect of the interplanetary cooperation system, the continuation of creativity. In this spirit, this year, WIPO has chosen the “Creativity, next generation” slogan.

Creativity is the trace that life has left during the thousands of years of our existence on the Earth. What would be later called an intellectual property would have the greatest merit, because it foresaw the changes in the world, technology, novelty, life style and legacy from one generation to another.

The biggest difference between human beings and animals consists on the fact that human beings create culture. The reason why our society moves forward from one generation to another, has to do with the fact that we inherit and develop the past culture.

In today’s world, the global community of the collectors of information has changed rapidly. There are around 3 million mobile phones and over 1.9 billion internet connections today in the world.

In a country such as Albania, where 66% of the population uses internet services and where consumers own over 5 million mobile phones, the challenge for the protection of intellectual properties has been sudden and unexpected, even 8 years ago when internet access was only 4% and the mobile phone users were inconsiderable due to the high charges.

Francis Gurry says “the next generation will certainly be tomorrow”, but history shows that this country too has made art, although its fruits have been preserved in a spontaneous and natural way.

In fact, on this day of intellectual property, we celebrate the survival of what the previous generations left us, as a strict rule of the continuity of existence and the experience of often threatening creativity.

Many things have been associated by silence and oblivion; many things have been destroyed and disappeared like a shadow. Here we can also mention empires and the legions of Julius César, which 140 years before Christ, followed premiers in the Albanian theater of Butrint, but the text and drama, choir and tragedy, fable and tragedian are still a few kilometers from this hall and this town, given life on the stage by another generation.

They believed on what was being left to other generations as a global protected art which would convey its messages to consecutive generations that had the capacity to dream.

This rule has applied forever, often blissfully, often obliviously and often with the force and magic that art has. Traveling to the age of high technology of information, creativity alone will be able to bring us other generations.

The World Day of Intellectual Property is an occasion to celebrate the novelty and creativity of our life. Since 1992, when the first law on copyright and intellectual properties was ratified, until today, it has been gradually accepted that copyright is an important component of intellectual property, as a moral and economic right, as an element of progress and our civilization.

But one thing is very clear, there’s a lot to do in this domain. This is a process that requires several factors at the same time:

Sensibility by the state authority must significantly increase about the importance that this domain has in the economic and cultural developments of the country.

Daily efforts are needed to inform and outreach the community of users and the whole society for the rights and obligations which are unavoidable.

On the World Day of Intellectual Property, we encourage people to reflect on the role of intellectual property in our life, messages which are being sent out from this meeting.

The World International Property Organization, which initiates this global celebration, has trusted to the slogan “Creativity, the next generation.” We will do everything in order for this motto to work forever.


*General Director of the Albanian Office for Copyrights