IBNA/Op-Ed: The higher you climb the harder you will fall

IBNA/Op-Ed: The higher you climb the harder you will fall

Athens, August 31, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

With the representatives of the eight business ventures participating in the tender for the acquisition of four television licenses, closed in the offices of the General Secretariat of Information and Communication, for the first day, war broke out between the opposition and the government on the process.

This was an expected war as somehow ND and PASOK had to defend their inaction on the issue of television licenses to channels that had become an open wound for over 27 years.

The opposition accuses the government of trying to promote their own people in the media. But how can this really be achieved when the one who will pay the highest price will get the license? Unless they mean that the government would pay someone to do the job. Ridiculous claims of course.

In a bidding invitation that has excluded any possibility of manipulation, he who has money to spend will do it. The existing channels produce losses, as all their owners have admitted at the Inquiry Committee of the House on bank loans to parties and media.

For what reason a serious businessman would wants to be in possession of a loss-making business, which has a deficit every year and is forced to finance it from other companies?

In the free market and economy, as the businessmen claim to want, companies that generate losses close. Why don’t they do it?

Because they might be thinking of their employees one would say. If indeed they were interested in their employees they would not have made layoffs nor would they reduce the wages of their employees, nor blackmailing them, at least according to the reportage, to sign individual contracts rather than collective, nor would they have them unpaid for 3 and 4 months.

Their purpose is obviously not profit, it is another. But who? No one has so far answered this question, because it hasn’t been voiced by journalists. Certainly not for the public interest, otherwise they would have paid for the use of the frequencies to the state, where they belong.

On the other hand there are the young, aspiring kanalarches, who in their majority, personally went to the competition, giving their own semantics. I am here, I who have the money. They appear before a procedure, regardless of how it would seem for them to socialize with employees of other businessmen are the ones who decide. This is very important.

Participation in the auctioning with the physical presence of the businessmen themselves, undoubtedly indicates their willingness to play to the end. Ivan Savvides, Evangelos Marinakis, Vladimir Kalogritsas, and from the new blood Theodoros Kyriakou ANT1 of the old, seem to want more.

Of course no one yet knows what happens with the process, but we know what happens to the media, which seem to have lost their nerve and through their illegal channels employ any unfair means to harm the government and the process.

Whether the information and entertainment offered by the new channels will be better no one knows. This will be seen in time. But what’s reality is the noise caused by previously powerful channels, that appeared to had risen very high, as they fall with a bang.