IBNA/Interview with Aydin ​​Ünal – AKP MP in Ankara – on the refugee crisis and terrorism

IBNA/Interview with Aydin ​​Ünal – AKP MP in Ankara – on the refugee crisis and terrorism

Ankara, October 26, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Manolis Kostidis

After the elections of June 7 there has been a rapid increase of terrorism in Turkey. With elections approaching, where is Turkey heading in this climate of uncertainty?

“As you know, the developments in Syria and Iraq have affected the region, as well as the developments in Egypt and Palestine. We have a large border with Iraq and Syria and this is why our country is the one most affected. Those who live in Turkey have a direct connection to what is happening there. We have a 1000 km-long borderline, which is difficult to guard. Refugees and terrorist organisations have been entering the country as a result. However, there have been threats against Turkey in order not to play a leading role in the developments in Syria and the Middle East. After the elections of June 7 there has been a climate of uncertainty in the economy and in domestic politics. Terrorist organisations are exploiting this climate.

The opposition however, accuses you that the AKP opened the gate of terrorism because it failed to stay in power with self-reliance.

These accusation have indeed been made. These accusations have strengthened the terrorist organisations. The terrorist organisation PKK’s first hit was in 1984 and for 31 years it has been making constant attacks. As such it didn’t begin in July.

I am asking you this question for ISIS as well. The HDP accuses the AKP on the matter.

In any case the leaders of the PKK in July before the attack in Suruc had announced that they terminate the alleged ceasefire. That is, they announced the start of the armed action. This has no connection with the government, the president of the republic. The attempt for its resolution (Kurdish problem) was progressing, weapons had been put aside, there was no problem and suddenly they announced that they begin the armed action once again.

As for ISIS, parties such as HDP and the CHP, but also in Europe, are trying to show that the AKP has contacts with ISIS. There is no proof for this. They made propaganda claiming that weapons our services were sending to the Turkmen in Syria were instead being sent to ISIS. They could not prove it since that is not the case. No weapons were sent, neither was any facilitation of crossing at the border. It is unfair to put the AKP next to ISIS, it is wrong, there is no evidence. I think they are doing this to cover the attacks of the PKK and to legitimise the action of the YPG, which is an offshoot of the PKK, in Syria. They are baseless accusations. There is no evidence.

 How do you see Turkey after November 1?

If there is a self-reliant government I believe that first and foremost the economy will take a deep breath, the uncertainty will go away and growth will continue.

As for the issue of terrorism, I want to say that terrorist organizations will not have achieved their goal, since all organizations, namely the PKK and ISIS, perform these terrorist attacks so that the AKP loses votes and in this way determine the domestic political landscape. If on November 1 there is a majority government the terrorist organisations will have lost. Already, our struggle continues against the terrorist organizations. There will be a great stability after the elections.

Given our geographical position, it is important for Europe, Greece and Bulgaria to have stability and peace in Turkey. The November 1 elections will be important for Europe. Because as you know the refugee issue concerns Europe, and Turkey after the elections will continue to place great importance in addressing this problem.