IBNA/Interview with Altan Tan, HDP MP in Diyarbakir

IBNA/Interview with Altan Tan, HDP MP in Diyarbakir

Ankara, October 21, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Manolis Kostidis

Why has there been an increased in terrorist attacks, such as the one in Suruç and Ankara? Are the Kurds being targeted?

Everything that is happening is the result of the new planning in the Middle East and the results can be seen in Turkey. These attacks are against Turkey; I’m saying this without discriminating among the AKP, CHP, MIP.

The responsibility of the government, however, lies in the fact that they did not read properly the developments in the Middle East and those in Turkey. For this reason, rather than spoiling the schemes that are planned against Turkey, instead of finding solutions, it becomes part of not solving the problems.

They said that the hit in Suruç was done by ISIS and Ankara’s bombs were also blamed on ISIS. I’m not saying that the government made them or arranged them, but I say this to the government: “for so long you have closed your eyes to ISIS, directly or indirectly, you took care to transport weapons or closed your eyes to what was happening”. Furthermore, inside Turkey you did not gather secret intelligence nor did you perform investigations. For this reason we say to the government that “you can’t save yourself from your responsibilities by blaming everything on ISIS”. Unfortunately we became part of the problem. Everything that’s going on is to weaken Turkey’s efforts, the removal of the government, but the government does what it can to “cut the branch on which it sits”.

What the government should do is fight ISIS and other organizations, while in the Kurdish problem it should once again root for peace and its resolution, but when on the one hand it closes its eyes and on the other it doesn’t solve the problem (the Kurdish problem) then it creates problems for itself.

In this tense climate how can there be elections? How will it affects the result and your party specifically?

Certainly these events affect us regarding the elections. The CHP as you know has canceled all its election rallies. Society lacks the joy and anticipation of the election period. But these elections will take place because they are vital for the country. Everything that happens now is aimed at preventing the elections from taking place. But if elections take place, Turkey may return to normality.

After the elections of June 7 Turkey counts more than 350 dead from terrorist attacks. How can we expect stability after the elections on November 1?

The Government and the President of the Republic did not accept the outcome of the June 7 elections; they failed to digest it. But this time they will definitely digest it, there is nothing they can do. One way or another a government will form and there will be a normality. I’m not saying that everything will be perfect, but things will be more calm. In Parliament there will be a battle.

The Government is targeting the HDP and is accusing you of having relations with the PKK. Why is this happening;

We are being targeted because the HDP overcame the electoral threshold and subsequently the cause of the fall of the government. They failed to achieve self-reliance, if the HDP had not passed the election threshold the AKP would still be in government, so they have targeted us. But by doing that they are losing more votes, because society reacts. The HDP is a fact, a result. The government aims to “steal” the MPs of the HDP and remain in power, but this will not happen.