IBNA Op-Ed/One year on the job

IBNA Op-Ed/One year on the job

Tirana, July 26, 2013


On year on the job automatically leads to an analysis.

Other institutions such as Government, Parliament, State Audit, etc, periodically analyze their work. Due to the direct interest of the people due to the proximity with the media, the analysis of these institutions is something tangible and measurable.

With the President of the Republic it’s different. Due to his nature of work, due to the fact that he’s away from the daily problems of people and media, “he works in silence”.
There doesn’t exist any way or criteria to measure the volume of work done by the President. The number of meetings, talks, negotiations, decorations, receptions, doesn’t show much in terms of the real volume of the work done, because the results of our work very often do not appear immediately, but after a period of time. Under these circumstances, the only thing that we can do in this aspect is to take a look at the year that we left behind, of the work that we did, as to whether we did it well or bad.

Seen as a whole, what I can delightfully say is this:

Without a lot of noise and trumpeting, I assure everyone that the President works every day and the affairs haven’t gone bad.

Last year, I and my assistants, the administration of the President have paid special attention to the final scope of our work, to the implementation of our constitutional duties, to the protection of the Constitution and everything else that this process includes, the constant coherence with the work of constitutional institutions, continuing with routine issues, problems, obstacles, work difficulties, which I can say that we have performed pretty well. We have achieved this by working with dedication, honest and seriousness.

We certainly have the precious Freedom of Speech and the means that enable it, Media, which talk, write, comment and even “create”. With the exception of libeling, which I wish for the media to do it less, as long as the law permits it, they can do everything else.

Briefly, between our work and the problems that a country which has just entered normality from a tough dictatorship has, here we are after a year, Freedom continues to spread its roots deeper and deeper.

During this year, Albania has done an irreversible journey in the consolidation of institutions, their independence and the harmonization of their work. Last year was a year filled with many events, amongst which I can point out two. One of them was the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Independence.

The second one was the general election.

One of the main differences between dictatorship and democracy is that in dictatorship, people know who will win without the need to hold elections, while in democracy this is not the case.

Nobody was able to predict the result of the elections that we just held. No survey, no prognosis, no analyst, no expert.

The final result of these elections surprised everyone; parties in the elections, analysts, losers, winners.

This simple and clear fact proves that in the past year, institutions functioned perfectly.

Albanians managed to overcome difficulties, to face challenges, to grow hope for the future, to increase faith on them and to increase the good reputation of Albania in the eyes of the world.

During this year of work, we, I, my aids and the entire administration of the President, didn’t only work on the celebrations of the 100th anniversary and the holding of the elections and we didn’t only issue medals, held receptions or visits. We also did other jobs which related to the maintenance of institutions, their improvement, the expansion and improvement of international relations, etc.

During this year of work, we finally managed to measure the path toward progress not by facing catastrophic dangers, but simply with division of powers and performance of tasks. From this point of view, the year that we left behind was not a year of failures; it was a good year, year of successes, year of losses. It was a year like many others which will follow, it was a year of work.

During this year of work, I have done my job and I’ve asked everyone to do their job.

The achievements of Albania are neither attributed to me, nor to anybody in particular.

The achievements are a merit of all Albanians, the humble servant of which, I, the President of their democratic and pluralist Republic am. /ibna/