IBNA Special Report/Constitutional changes are insufficient to realize the reforms of the judiciary system in Montenegro

IBNA Special Report/Constitutional changes are insufficient to realize the reforms of the judiciary system in Montenegro


Podgorica, July 29, 2013

Authorities in Montenegro are making efforts to carry out a full reform in the judicial system, in order to improve this important structure of the justice system.

Parliament gathered this Monday where the chief judge of the Supreme Court, Vesna Medenica spoke before MPs. She has presented before parliament the report for the work of the Judicial Council for 2012.


Medenica said that the reform of the judicial system cannot be achieved through constitutional changes alone.

“This reform cannot be achieved through constitutional changes alone. There must be an essential reform for the independence of the justice system. The state must strengthen judicial institutions with the scope to preserve their independence”, said Vesna Medenica.

On the other hand, she said that the Constitution is a political act and that its change is difficult.

Speaking on the new criteria for the election of the chief judge of the Supreme Court and the election of the members of the Judicial Council, Mrs. Medenica said that main principle of independence, responsibility and efficiency of the Courts in Montenegro will be achieved.

Discussing on the report, MPs have valued the work done by the court, while stressing that high state officials have not yet been prosecuted for corruption.

Millorad Vuletic

PDS lawmaker, Millorad Vuletic said that the report presented by Vesna Medenica offers a clear picture of the work of the court and of the situation in this important instance of the justice system.

Vladislav Bojovic

Vladislav Bojovic MP said that there haven’t yet been any rulings about cases of corruption involving government officials. He recalled the fact that it’s a requirement of the European Union for officials involved in corruptive affairs to be punished.

“We cannot expect corrupt courts to implement the conclusions approved in parliament, therefore it’s necessary to have a drastic reform a new judicial body in the country”, said Bojovic.

The chief judge of the Constitutional Court, Vesna Medenica said that there doesn’t exist any conflict between the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Snezhana Jonica

PSP lawmaker, Snezana Jonica talked about the changes which must be made to the Constitution. “Independence in the work of courts in Montenegro can be insured only by carrying out the constitutional changes”, said Jonica.

PSP lawmaker said that judges must be closer to the rules of the European Union. According to her, judges must better know the practices followed in the European Court for Human Rights.

Asra Jazavic

Asra Jazavic MP was against the report. She said that her party will not support the report, saying that trials in Montenegro are being conducted according to the “PDS principle”.

Parliament in Montenegro is expected to come out with the full conclusions on the report of the Supreme Court on Tuesday. /ibna/