IBNA Special Report/ A “battle” of electoral TV spots between democrats and socialists

IBNA Special Report/ A “battle” of electoral TV spots between democrats and socialists

By Ervin Tirana

Electoral spots have turned into a method of making an electoral campaign and it’s believed to be an efficient way to round up electoral programs and to issue convincing messages in a few seconds for the public.

During these elections, the Democratic Party and the Socialist Party bring a variety of TV spots in terms of their production and also in terms of the message that they bring to the public.

As it happens in international electoral campaigns, the TV spots of the two main political forces have been categorized into two main blocks, positive spots and critical spots.

pd spotPositive spots

Out of 9 spots that the Democratic Party has, the majority of them are positive. These spots mainly show the achievements of the government during two terms in office, starting from the liberalization of visas, construction of roads, increase of wages in education, quality of teaching, tax cuts and promises about the next term in office.

Meanwhile, the Socialist Party has divided its spots into two categories. First of all, the electoral TV spots of the SP “reflect” the current situation.

The SP points out the problems with economy, with the tax increases and lack of law and order. In the second part of each spot, the SP makes its optimistic promises and reveals parts of its program.

An element is easily noticed in the majority of the TV spots of the Socialist Party: the presentation of the promises is left to the image of the head of SP, Edi Rama.

Out of 11 spots, the image of the head of the SP is shown 4 times. The contrary happens with the DP, where Prime Minister Sali Berisha only appears in one spot where he mainly talks about the third term in office.

spot psCritical spots

The second element of the electoral TV spots relates to the accusations against opponents. The Socialist Party results to have made more spots characterized by the critical spirit.

berisha spotThe first spot of this nature, launched a week ago, has on its background the promise of Prime Minister Sali Berisha for roads, while his expression “roads” which is repeated several times, is followed by the voice of an individual who talks about the problems with taxes, prices, water, power supply, etc. Critical elements are also present in the other spots.

Meanwhile, the spot launched yesterday, called “The campaign of insults of the DP” in the official youtube channel of the SP, is a truly critical TV spot launched by this party.

Eglantina Gjermeni MP addresses to the public with a question for the electoral campaign of the DP and then comes up with the comment of the SP: “Have you seen the campaign of the DP?! Only lies and insults… But insults cannot serve as a plan for the future of Albania. Insults cannot bring wellbeing, employment or education”, says Gjermeni in the latest TV spot of the SP.

While the SP claims that it’s the DP that is launching too many accusations against its political opponents, many others believe that it’s the SP the one that is launching more insults and making a negativist campaign.

But spots are not the only element of “battle” between DP and SP. The public declarations of the two leaders, Mr. Berisha and Mr. Rama in electoral meetings have been accompanied by many accusations and insults.

edi rama spotA few days ago, the leader of the SP introduced a phrase in his speeches: “Albanians cannot vote as Prime Minister a grandfather who tells fairytales”. This has sparked the reaction of the Prime Minister, who has reminded to the leader of the SP that this is unacceptable and insulting.