IBNA OP-ED/With foreign money against the people

IBNA OP-ED/With foreign money against the people

By Xhabir Deralla*

For 11 years in a row, Gruevski’s government has received hundreds of millions of Euros and dollars in the form of assistance for the state. All of this money which has been given has made this state look better. But, civil society has only received 1% of these millions.

With all of this foreign money that he has received, Gruevski has  done at least three things:

First, he has misused this money and stolen them for his people.

Secondly, this money was used for the party, police and propaganda machine to rig the elections.

Thirdly, this money were misused and spent to lobby in Europe and USA for his needs and not to improve the country’s position in the international arena.

Besides, he also created an anti-Western feeling in Macedonia.

The money that came from abroad in the form of donation and low interest loans, were used by the usurper of this country against his citizens and for campaigns throughout the world.

It is very easy to conclude that a part of the money that Gruevski is using through US lobbies, are American money coming from US taxpayers.

This has been done in a dirty way and as a gangster game.

But to us, it has seemed like a long process, because it has constantly affected our life. Although all that money was spent, some people from Brussels and Washington cannot change the bad place that they leave behind.

A lot of money was paid for judges, who, nonetheless cannot change the truth.

Money that was spent insanely. Gruevski and his criminal entourage have long lost touch with reality. We follow the fragile usurper from TV, appearing in different events and continuing the agony of this country. But this agony is coming back to him and his clique.

*The author is head of CIVIL association in Skopje

** Note: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect IBNA’s editorial policy.