IBNA Op-Ed/Who don’t want a solution to the Cyprus problem?

IBNA Op-Ed/Who don’t want a solution to the Cyprus problem?

Athens, September 30, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

To a stalemate seems to be driven the solution of the Cyprus problem, due to the insistence of the Turkish side for the stay of the occupying troops in Cyprus.

Both Greece and Cyprus have made it clear that they will not accept the stay of occupation troops on the island.

You can not “solve” an illegal invasion and occupation with the stay of the occupation army, is the message from Greece and Cyprus.

According to information the US has tabled a proposal for the conversion of the occupying troops into a Turkish base. This is something however that has no legal basis, that is to have a foreign base on European soil, but neither will it be accepted by the Cypriot people, since in with this way it will legitimize, agree and accept an occupation army.

In contrast, according to well informed sources of TRIBUNE, while initially the withdrawal of Turkish troops from the island had been accepted, Ankara told Washington that the Greeks “have a plan to bring Russian troops into Cyprus” if the Turkish army leaves.

The reality is however, with the rapprochement of Turkey and Russia, generates questions about the non-existence assertion that has been made for Russian troops in Cyprus.

The redefinition of the foreign policy of Tayip Erdogan and his turn towards Russia and Iran seems to have not been clearly understood in Washington and believe that the Cypriot side would accept Russian troops on its territory.

The exclusion of Turkey from the energy sources of the Eastern Mediterranean and the tripartite partnerships with countries that possess energy resources – Greece, Israel and Egypt – has pushed it to the side of Russia and Iran, with the designing of new Russian gas pipelines and of course the nuclear factory in the Turkish territory.

Greece and Cyprus, both EU Member States, with Greece also being a member of NATO, despite exercising multidimensional and active foreign policy, they state in every turn their constant and firm relationship with the EU and NATO.

It would be an absurdity for the two countries to think otherwise.

Historically Greece and Cyprus never had “relations” with Russia, as many might believe.

The two countries are not under the influence of Russia, neither can this be achieved.

Even geo-relegiously, the Church of Russia covets the primacy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and other Orthodox patriarchates, with the most recent event the abscense of the Russian Church and its satellites from the Great Pan-Orthodox Assembly held in Crete this summer.

The only thing leakage of such conspiracy theories from the Turkish side can achieve is to prevent a solution to the Cyprus problem.

Obviously, those who claim that there is an imminent installation, with the blessings of Greece and Cyprus, of Russian troops in Cyprus, do not want a solution to the Cyprus problem.

If some circles do not want a solution to the Cyprus problem let them come out an say it directly, not create fiction and conspiracy scenarios involving two countries – such as Greece and Cyprus – that have proven many times that they are safety and peace bridges in an unstable region and a bastions of the West.