IBNA Op-Ed/Skopje amid opposition ‘bombs’ and the government offensive

IBNA Op-Ed/Skopje amid opposition ‘bombs’ and the government offensive

By Naser Pajaziti

FYROM is heading toward a situation of tension and serious political crisis, following the warnings of the Macedonian leader, Zoran Zaev for the so called ‘bombs’ against the government led by Nikola Gruevski. These ‘bombs’ which have not yet exploded, consist of a number of documents, materials and a file filled with scandals and different corruption and criminal affairs of the current government.

Zaev has warned that his ‘bombs’ also affect ethnic issues and everything relates to the events of recent years, that sparked reactions and ethnic protests. There are different rumors. Some media say that the documents that the Macedonian opposition has, relate to the “Monstra” case, which has to do with the killing of five Macedonians in April 2012 in the suburbs of Skopje and for which, six Albanians were sentenced to life in prison.

This conviction, which was regarded as orchestrated in the absence of convincing proofs, sparked strong reactions and massive protests by ethnic Albanians.

But what do Zaev’s ‘bombs’ really contain!?

Nobody knows and so far, no detail has been published.

“The bombs contain real proof about the bad things that this government has done. Upon their publication, Gruevski’s government will fall within three days”, was the only explanation that Zaev provides, leaving everything else in mystery.

PM Nikola Gruevski has launched an offensive my demystifying the warnings launched by the Macedonian opposition.

His offensive through institutional mechanisms has attacked the opposition leader, Zoran Zaev, accusing him as a spy of secret services and responsible for a coup d’etat scenario which aimed at seizing power through non democratic ways.

Zaev now faces this charge which has been launched by the ministry of Interior and his arrest is not ruled out.

Analysts, experts of legal affairs and pro government associations have called for the opposition leader to be sent behind bars. This entire battle by the government is being held on the pretext of nationalism and patriotism, where strong insults have been launched against Zaev, considering him as a ‘traitor’ of secret services. The government’s propaganda has also spread in neighboring Greece.

A part of the pro government media and information portals accuse the presence of secret services and its infiltration within Macedonian opposition.

“Kurir”, one of the pro government portals has written that the Greek secret services have the necessary funds and reasons to engage collaborators against Macedonian interests. These accusations are being launched at a time when a change of power has taken place in Athens along with changes in security structures, while the Greek office in Skopje has not yet commented this wave of comments and analyses that accuse Greek security institutions.

On the other hand, pro government media, that dominate the media market, are getting ready to censor the opposition ‘bombs’.

The alibi that they will use will be the decision of the Public Prosecution, which has decided to forbid the publication of materials that relate to this affair, while there are ongoing investigations. This decision has sparked strong reactions by the opposition and association of journalists, who have stressed that they will not take into account the warning issued by the prosecution. A similar message has also been launched by the international community, which has demanded fair and unbiased information in relation to the opposition ‘bombs’.

International community has launched signals that the country is entering an irreversible crisis which will threaten the stability and the functioning of the state. These events has left NATO and EU integration through the solution of the name dispute, political dialogue and economic projects on the shadow.

The aggravation of the situation can paralyze the country entirely, due to the big hole in the state budget and the deficit registered since the very first months of the year.

The weekend or even next week will be decisive for the relations between the majority and opposition, because the Macedonian Social Democratic Union is expected to start the publication of compromising materials involving a number of government scandals and affairs.

But this will certainly spark the reaction of Nikola Gruevski, who will also challenge with his surprise moves which may also be unprecedented and in breach of democratic rules. /ibna/

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