IBNA Op-Ed/Serious crisis

IBNA Op-Ed/Serious crisis

By Biljana Vankovska*/Independent Balkan News Agency

Our country is facing one of the most serious crises in its history. In this situation, legitimacy of power is one of the tests. Even worse, institutions are no longer the place to solve political conflicts and the conflict has moved to a public arena.

Media confrontation has reached its peak and political shows have turned into an unprecedented show.

These shows have two producers who operate in their parallel worlds. The leader of opposition, Zoran Zaev is demanding patience until the next catharsis, which seems that it will end up in a new framework agreement and an interim or technical government until the next elections.

Stubbornly, MP Nikola Gruevski refuses the collective resignation of his government, because this is the last hope to save not only his party, but the state too, which is sliding toward a protectorate.

SDSM is in offensive. Expectations are great, bearing in mind the fact that every so called “bomb” is expected to be more powerful than the previous one. Citizens are expecting the publication of testimonies in relation to the disappearance of journalist Nikola Mladenov, the five murders in Smilkovc, Skopje and other cases.

In this situation, with the “doctrine of amnesia”, a pre election campaign is being held and this will lay the ground for the solution of issues that the public opinion would not accept in other circumstances. In such circumstances, citizens are unsafe, intimidated and disoriented. Thousands of citizens are worried about their fate.

The political battle is taking place between the truth being announced by opposition leader Zoran Zaev and that being announced by PM Nikola Gruevski.

Taking sides in this battle for the truth, consists of a capitulation of a sound mind and a failure in front of those who publish their truths.

Our society, from a quiet and apathic society is turning in a society ready to hate. “Death…snipers for you…sadists, psychopaths…etc”, are part of the rhetoric of the so called fighters of freedom. And this is one side of the coin of the “truth” for our country. This truth is diverse and doesn’t only have to do with the political elite, but also with its low political culture.

In the theater of this normality, we, the citizens are not only spectators, but we’re required to feel the pain, the evil, the suffering, the symbol… and perhaps even the power of words. Objectivity and neutrality have been officially desecrated and one must, under these circumstances, keep sides.

In this situation, the request for an interim government sounds like sci-fi or a hypocritical idea. The true state man must be like Mandela and not an angel of revenge. This is also valid for his fellow fighters.

Even if the Macedonian opposition is successful in its battle, a long period of rehabilitation appears in front of us. Our country may only be reborn if it leaves behind all forms of monism and embrace a democracy where all political parties are welcome.

*The author is publicist, university professor of political sciences at the University “St. Cyrill and Methodius” in Skopje

** The opinion of the author doesn’t necessarily represent IBNA’s editorial line