IBNA Op-Ed/Reform in justice is a historical act, but this can only be done by the citizens

IBNA Op-Ed/Reform in justice is a historical act, but this can only be done by the citizens

By Arian Galdini*

A day after the approval of the Judicial Reform, I was asking myself whether what was inflated so much really happened or whether it was a case of a completed task, part of the normal tasks that our politicians deliver and which are later deflated like balloons once the priority is forgotten…

I don’t know.

I love politics, I do politics, but more than politics, I believe in the battles of the citizens. Albania will be able to see the miracle not the day after such reforms that we, people of politics, consider historical, but they will see the miracle on the day when the Albanian citizens rise against corruption and bad governance.

For as long as we continue to sell our vote and buy our jobs, sell our dignity in order to keep our jobs, rank as a nation as if we were in a football match by rallying for Political Reforms and as long as each of us chants for his favorite team, for as long as we open our mouth to criticize everyone and shut our mouth to say some truths, for as long as we seek explanations from those who are not to be blamed and who are weak like use while we glorify those who rob from us, I am certain that no historical reform will change anything.

Reform in justice is a historic act, because a new Constitution was made.

The historic acts that politics do are usually archived and remembered only in symposiums and speeches.

The only living acts are the acts of the citizens, the daily acts, uprising acts, those concerning freedom and dignity.

Without uprising citizens, there is no Justice, no Freedom, no Democracy, no Dignity, no Development.

As a citizen, civil activist, political activist, head of LDE-Party for Freedom, Democracy and Ethics, I am certainly happy about the approval of the Justice Reform, but I am not putting my hopes there about the Justice System which Albanians have sought so much.

My hopes are on the power of the Albanian citizens to rise against corruption and against bad governance.

If we the citizens do not rise, there is no Reform which can uphold a desecrated Justice. Don’t exchange messages of congratulations for the Reform in Justice, do not visit the Lake for Picnics. It is not a holiday and no miracle has happened. It is neither Christmas, nor July, like Americans say.

It is only a Historical Act by Politics. In order for this Historical Act not to be archieved and become history, we the citizens must continue to talk, talk and talk, by seeking the truths and our dignity. Reform in Justice is a historical act, but I believe that history is only done by citizens.

*Sent by the author, columnist, head of LDE (Movement for Democracy and Ethics)