IBNA Op-Ed/Post election challenges

IBNA Op-Ed/Post election challenges

By Mersel Bilali

I don’t think that we should glorify our leaders over a day and then reject them overnight.

I would want to link this with the coalition agreement reached between the two biggest parties that won the elections in Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE on the Macedonian camp and BDI on the Albanian camp.

If they have come to a serious agreement that the country will become member of NATO in the next summit, then this coalition must not be criticized.

But what’s scary is that it’s difficult to achieve and reach agreements with the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, because he often turns agreement papers into “toilet paper”.

Albanian party, BDI, initially declared that it would not give up on the post of the speaker of parliament, but the opposite took place and this demand failed in front of VMRO-DPMNE. But, for the sake of the integration in the NATO and EU, such loss is forgiven, in case the Macedonian party is serious this time in resolving the name dispute with the Greece and adhere the country in the NATO.

But, Ali Ahmeti must offer strong guarantees as to whether the accession will be realized in the next 6 months or not, because afterwards, the failure to achieve this goal, would be fatal for his party and on the other, Nikola Gruevski would once again come out more powerful.

Thus, now that it’s not too late, I think that BDI must once again make sure if NATO accession will be secured. For these kinds of agreements, there must also be intermediaries, Americans, even on an indirect mission.

Without taking into account what happened these days, the papers are still in the hands of Ali Ahmeti, but within a few days, they will pass into the hands of Gruevski. Therefore, I hope that they will urgently clarify this issue, in order to take important decisions for the future of this political party, which now enjoys the trust of the majority of Albanian voters. In case of not achieving an agreement with Gruevski and if it doesn’t receive the necessary guarantees, this party must examine the possibility of not becoming part of the government and join Macedonian opposition in boycotting parliament and other institutions. BDI’s boycott of parliament would be fatal for VMRO and Gruevski. Even the invitation for the other Albanian party, PDSH, to become part of the coalition would not rescue Gruevski from the political failure which it would see.

Can there be a parliament if half of parliament is outside of it? The answer is “NO”. Then there are possibilities for a government of experts, which would solve the issue of the name dispute and hold fresh elections by the end of the year.

But even if we remain outside of NATO and even if BDI leaves the government, it will be the loser, while VMRO would be an absolute winner. Thus, we must ask ourselves if we’re making the life of Gruevski’s government longer. Nevertheless, BDI must sacrifice something from itself. A tragic end is better than an endless tragedy.

*The author is a political analyst and professor of political sciences in a private university in Skopje. He’s known as a former adviser for security matters to former presidents of the country. MP in the initial parliamentary terms of Macedonian pluralism

** The opinion of the author doesn’t necessarily represent IBNA’s editorial line