IBNA Op-Ed/Lethargy of Albanians in FYR Macedonia

IBNA Op-Ed/Lethargy of Albanians in FYR Macedonia

By Arben Llalla


Finally, Albanian political parties gave up on the demands of Albanians for equality with the Slav citizens in FYROM. For many years, Albanians of FYROM continue to be deceived by intellectuals with limited capacities for their personal interests. So many years went by and Albanians are still second class citizens, whereby schooling in their mother tongue is denied like in the 19th century, national flag has now been legally reduced in size by losing Albanian pride, economic destruction of large enterprises, degradation of religion, etc.

To move away from these social problems that Albanians in FYR Macedonia face for many years, state system assisted by different Albanian intellectual groups at the service of Slav interests, invent new problems which have no relation whatsoever with what it truly happening with the Albanian society.

This kind of method is part of the quiet wars which are done with “Quiet weapons”. Quiet weapons have advanced thanks to the economic and technological model of the past 30 years. This has helped the power to act at the right time with its elites to stop the development of the middle class which has historically led revolutions. Thus, the state system has more control over the people and the power of the masses by isolating them. It goes without saying that everything is done for Albanians to remain behind and for them not to have the right information as to what happens with the world around them.

The weak memory of Albanian voters has hasn’t enabled anyone to talk about the unfairly condemned persons in the case of Sopoti, the killing and imprisonment of the former soldiers of UÇK, the case of Kondova, the killing of an Albanian student in 2005 in his room by police in Tetovo, about the inmates of Brodec, about the killing of Harun Aliu and Shaban Zenuni, for the imprisonment of Albanian in the Mostra case, for the beatings of Albanian students in buses, for the promises that Albanian parties have made to their voters, etc.

Albanians in FYROM protested several times about the wars in Egypt and Syria by justly demanding peace in these countries, but it’s been several years that Albanians do not protest about their rights which are violated every day in FYROM. Albanian MPs who should have raised their voice on behalf of the war and the imprisonment years of former Yugoslavia have hidden, because they filled their pockets by securing the future of their children with wealth made on behalf of patriotism.

And on the other hand, one is sad when one sees the families of the martyrs and war invalids of 2001 that live in extreme poverty. For many years they were promised pensions and support by the party which supposedly represents the war, but in reality, it’s just a party like many other parties that guard their own interests. One time, a minister complained about the failure to establish a commission for the creation of the legal basis to offer pensions, but in reality nothing was done. Every declaration of this minister was a lie like many other lies that are said on a daily basis by representatives of the Albanian vote in FYROM.

The famous Slav Encyclopedia that insults the Albanian nation continues and nothing was done, nothing was put at a stop and nothing was corrected. Albanian children continue to learn in schools with text books where their nation is insulted and no educational inspector has demanded for these text books to be removed from circulation.

We’re seeing that Albanian education is degrading by going down in quality and by feeding us with ignorance and mediocrity. The low social classes are schooled with modesty, thus creating a big gap between high class and lower class. Many people have been issued with undeserved university degrees.

In the past, Albanian students were justly called heroes, but today, student unions have turned into small political parties and a Union of independent students which functioned from 2005 until 2007 disappeared along with the “retirement” of its chairman. (It seems that the majority of associations, parties or Albanian organizations link their functioning with the name and the figure of their chairman).

For many years we haven’t heard Albanian student unions protest about their rights. It seems that students are happy with their student life and the teaching programs that they follow at university. It used to be an honor to be graduated in the University of Tetovo, but now we’re ashamed when we see individuals who have not even finished high school be graduated in this university. State institutions employ political militants, who belong to the low class of society and not individuals that can offer development to the country and society.

Albanians in FYROM seem to have fallen in a state of lethargy, but when will the Albanians of FYROM be heard? Albanians will wake up when their MPs in parliament and Albanian government ministers will be beaten by Slav hooligans. This has happened with Albanian MPs in the Assembly of the Ottoman Empire.

It was 1911 when Ismail Qemal Vlora MP demanded explanations for an article published in the Turkish “Le Jeune Turc” newspaper and the Turkish MP, Dervish Bey, noticing the high tone of the voice, slapped Ismail Qemal Vlora on the face. Albanian MP, Hasan Prishtina reacted by saying, ‘Gentlemen, you must know that this will bring many bad things”. The Turkish MP then apologized to Ismail Vlora, but the slapping of Dervish Beu had had its effect. Albanian nationalists had woken up from the deep sleep under the “quilt” of the Ottoman Empire and after a year, Ismail Qemali announced the Independence of Albania in Vlora in 1912.


*The author is a historian and publicist who lives in Tetovo