IBNA Op-Ed/Government in collapse by the opposition “bomb”

IBNA Op-Ed/Government in collapse by the opposition “bomb”

By Mersel Bilalli

Opposition leader, Zoran Zaev, will once again launch a “bomb”. He said that there are facts which, when they will be presented in front of the public opinion, PM Nikola Gruevski will have to resign in three days, while Macedonia will be disgraced by them, as they have to do with “cross ethnic issues”.

Skeptics believe that the “bomb” will once again be reduced to a firework, but I believe that it’s not like that.

This will not be a bomb or a firework, but it will be a powerful destroying shell. I don’t think that this declaration has been issued without the green light of key world players. On the contrary, it seems that the moment is coming when the final whistle will be blown to the regime! Nobody expected the opinion of voters to change radically by the published affairs during the pre election campaign. And little less was Gruevski expected to resign with dignity.

There are three reasons why the government must fall as soon as possible. The first ones is the fear of world factors that by further tolerating populism and nationalism articulated by dangerous people, there’s the risk of an internal and regional conflict. It’s a fact that in order to conceal financial organized crime, governing leaders have been played for years with the sentiments of the people, by creating a mutual climate of mistrust, incidents, beatings, hatred, which can now get out of hand very easily.

The second fear relates to the fear of foreigners that if such dictatorship is further tolerated, this would be a threat for the entire region, as if small dictators get away with it, then this would be an encouraging signal for big dictators.

For this reason, the regime must leave as soon as possible.

It was not by accident that the US ambassador Paul Wohlers declared that they don’t want to see another Ukraine in Macedonia. There are also similar gloomy declarations of the US senior official, Victoria Nuland, German chancellor, Angela Merkel and many others, that such situation is unstable.

But, before this government leaves, it must first solve the issue of the name dispute, in other words, cut the branch over which the regime has been comfortably sleeping for years with real chaos in all domains, along with the two extra billion Euros in debt!

The third reason has a moral nature. During these years, the regime has stepped over the basic human values. Further tolerance toward this situation would seriously damage Brussels’ moral credibility. Let us remember that all the reports issued so far by the European Commission expressed notes of tolerance toward the regime, with the condition to resolve the dispute with the Greek side, but which at the end, it resulted to be a complicated business.

Now it was seen that the regime has moved very far. It continued to government through intimidation, threats, blackmail and conditions. They even did it now by entering bars with special forces. But what’s interesting is the reality of silence and the indifference of the citizens, who do not react, who do not protest, even when the life of many families and their children is being destroyed and impoverished.

They’re not only stolen their material existence, but also the mental and physical health. They’re being stolen their present and future. The current government encourages people to eat healthy food, while many people eat out of the rubbish!

Therefore, an end must be put to this regime. The regime itself knows that its further existence doesn’t have any basic meaning. They even put under control new positions. They’re now putting pressure in order for the name dispute to be resolved and save themselves.

Now, the megaphones of the government say that they’re in favor of the solution of the name dispute, but that pressure must be put toward Greeks in order for the problem to be solved. The government must go back to the crime scene. Many events end up like this.

An end must be seen for those whose only success is failure.

*The author is a political analyst and university professor of political sciences. He has been an MP for a long time and then a member for security issues of former president Branko Crvenkovski

**The opinion of the author doesn’t necessarily represent IBNA’s editorial line