IBNA Op-Ed/English speaking Enverism, a danger to Albanian society!

IBNA Op-Ed/English speaking Enverism, a danger to Albanian society!

By Besiim Ndregjoni*

The lack of action and indifference toward the criminal ideology of communism in this post communist period has pointed out a dangerous and damaging phenomenon for society, the spirit of Enverism and the domination of Albanian politics by Enverists.

Enver has died, but the spirit of Enverism is seeing a growth in a society traumatized by the 45 year dictatorship, which was not brought before justice. Current political majority, which is leading the country, is taking political revenge by celebrating the 70th anniversary of the so called “liberation” with the glorification of the dictator’s figure.

In this chaotic and undesirable story, every former political dissident, every intellectual and honest Albanian, must speak and tell the truth like it has happened, although this truth is tragic and painful.

Although the Holly Father, Pope Francis, had read about the crimes of communism in Albania, in front of the painful accounts of sister Marie and father Ernest Troshani, he shed tears before all world media on the evening of September 21 in the cathedral of Saint Paul in Tirana. So, the world learned about the Enverist tragedy of Albanians.

The recognition of the truth is “essential” to the term “liberation”, which is being trumpeted by Enverists in power. In front of this offensive and national tarnishing of “renaissance” politics, we will show the terror experienced by the main cities in Albania with the term “liberation” 70 years ago by communists who didn’t fight for “liberation” at all. How can we consider this “the liberation of Albania” in 1944, when communist forces entered every city after the Germans had left and spread terror and committed slaughters unheard of by killing hundreds of innocent people.

These are facts that exist in the state archive.

Post communist celebrations

In the city of Gjirokaster, 12 honest people were executed within an hour in front of the high school of the city, just because they opposed communist ideology. And after 70 years, ministers visit this city to celebrate the “liberation” with red scarves which have the sickle and hammer on them, the symbol of the Stalinist Enverism.

The 2500 year old Berat would experience another “liberation”, when communists would take the bones of the former prime minister of Albania in the ‘20s, Iljaz Vrioni and brandish them, encouraged by the partisan “liberators”. These crowds walked the main roads of the city, chanting for terror and at the end of the gruesome procession, the bones of the former prime minister of Albania were thrown in the Osum river.

It would be better if senior politicians, for the sake of the national conscience,  honored in this 70th anniversary the former prime minister, Vrioni, and even hold a minute of silence and throw in the Osum river flowers and condemn the crowds that desecrated his grave.

On the other hand, can the people of Tirana call it a “liberation”, when for a month, from October 17 to November 17, 1944, they faced the red terror and when hundreds of citizens were taken in the middle of the night from their homes and executed in the streets of Tirana. Their only crime was that they were educated in the west and they had served to Tirana and Albanian state…

For 70 years in a row, innocent victims and intellectuals were despised and their murderers were honored. How can Shkoder call it a “liberation” when communist forces executed tens of innocent citizens and when the Albanian flag was lifted from catholic churches and replaced with the Yugoslav one?

The danger of young Enverists

Now, young Enverists do not speak Russian like their fathers, but they speak English.

To us who survived the Enverist terror, it’s a “holly” duty to document these facts as the process of the truth against a revenge which is dominating the social political life of the country  led by the parliamentary majority.

The year 1944 has been the year of the physical execution of intellectuals, clerics, citizens and nationalists who fought against fascism and Nazism, in all Albanian lands. This is the year of civil war to take over power from Enverists. This catastrophe involved all Albanians from south to north. The ideology that fed this catastrophe has only one name, the Communist Part led by Enver Hoxha with the Yugoslav anti-Albanian councilors, Miladin Popovic and Dushan Mugosha.

We, Albanians, who survived terror, are waiting on an answer! Albanian society is not only shaken by the photos of the dictator in the official celebrations, because the photo of a man who died 28 years ago, doesn’t bother us. But, what worries us is the spirit of Enverism and the scallion of Enverists which lead the majority and Albanian politics for 24 years in a row. This is shocking and this worries Albanians.

The condemnation of Enverist ideology today is an imperative of the time. By condemning Enverism and Enverists, we start a process of remedy for our country. It’s not only those “veterans” who have a direct responsibility for the crimes committed toward us, but a responsibility must also be shared by the political class which has led the country after 1990, because it has kept quiet.

Our moral victory

Today, the new class of persecutors has despised revenge and this is our moral victory. But, we cannot allow Enverism, this plague which is suffocating democracy, appearing before us with the suit of human rights, protecting the executors, because justice is not acting. Every indifference or tolerance toward Enverisim brings destruction for the system, where society and our dear Albania finds itself. Albania of all Albanians. Silence kills the victims again, the freedom and the future! We must not keep quiet, in order not to be responsible before the nation and society!

*Sent by the author, researcher of communist crimes in Albania, head of the Nationwide Union of the Integration of Political Dissidents of Albania

** The opinion of the author doesn’t necessarily represent IBNA’s editorial line