IBNA Op-Ed/ Kosovo’s opposition is not against Euro Atlantic integration

IBNA Op-Ed/ Kosovo’s opposition is not against Euro Atlantic integration

By Bilal Sherifi

I don’t think that anyone in Kosovo, be them majority supporters or opposition supporters, or those who do not support neither sides, believe in the government’s propaganda that by not participating in the voting of SAA, “the opposition showed that it’s against the integration of Kosovo in the European Union”.

Euro Atlantic integration of Kosovo has no other alternative. This path is not a choice of political parties in Kosovo, but it’s their obligation.

Euro Atlantic integration is an obligation that stems from the support of the absolute majority of the citizens and which in turn obliges them to work in order to attain this scope.

The reasons why the opposition didn’t participate in the recent voting has to do with those parts of the SAA agreement that relate to the obligation to implement the damaging agreements with Serbia, which the opposition has made it well clear that it won’t accept.

If the opposition voted the SAA agreement with the parts that relate to the agreements with Serbia, then it would not only be entitled to contest them, but it would agree and approve the agreements with Serbia.

The opposition didn’t make this mistake, which would cost Kosovo a lot. By not attending the voting, it is still entitled to demand withdrawal from the damaging agreements with Serbia and insist on a renegotiation with the European Union on these parts of these agreements.

These are the reasons why the opposition acted in such way. All of those who claim the opposition, do this as part of the propaganda war against the opposition.

*The author is a Member of the Parliament of Kosovo

** The opinion of the author doesn’t necessarily represent IBNA’s editorial line