IBNA Interview/Trade Unions strongly object to the sale of the Post-Telecom of Kosovo

IBNA Interview/Trade Unions strongly object to the sale of the Post-Telecom of Kosovo

By Tinka Kurti

The chairman of the Trade Union of Post-Telecom of Kosovo, Milazim Alshiqi says that this organization is waiting on a parliamentary incentive of the opposition to stop the process of the sale of 75% of shares of PTK. If not, Alshiqi warns for nationwide protests. So far, tens of organizations have objected to the sale of PTK, as they consider it as a sale of readymade money.


Do you believe that the process of the privatization can be halted at this stage?

The privatization of PTK can be halted if we wanted to rescue this enterprise. This profit making company can obtain a loan of 300 million Euros, if it needs it so desperately. In a period of 10 years, PTK could receive a return and also allocate to the Government of Kosovo a dividend of 40-50 million Euros, which is a clean profit.

What are the measures that have been taken to contest this process?

We are talking to the two large opposition parties, the Democratic League of Kosovo and Self Determination Movement, in order to hold a special session for the sale of PTK and to request for this process to be suspended. Both parties have agreed to hold a session on this issue. We have also sent a letter to the President, Speaker of parliament, Prime Minister, US Embassy in Kosovo, German embassy, British embassy and EULEX. In this letter we demand the suspension of this process, which is in fact a theft of the public assets and camouflaged under the name “sale”. We might as well call it a sale of readymade money.

What about the protest?

Certainly. We will complain to the national and international courts, because this process is entirely illegal, but at the same time, should there not be a reasonable decision taken in this parliamentary session, we won’t stop. We will hold massive protests and no trade union measures which we are entitled to according to the law. We are determined to hold nationwide protests in order to protect this asset.

Have you had cooperation with trade unions and other organizations? Have they supported you?

Yes, so far we have had public support from national trade unions, from the Trade Union of Bosnia, from EURO-FEDOP, UNI-international trade union of Switzerland, Albanian Independent Trade Union, FYROM Trade Union, Union of the Ferro-Nickel Enterprise, the Trade Union of the Kosovo Customs and the Workers Group of Sharr Cemi.

What is unlawful about the sale of PTK?

The decision of the Parliament of Kosovo for the sale of PTK is missing, along with a special law for the privatization of PTK, the collective agreement within PTK and the full transparency of the sale process, which are also missing.

What is your opinion on AXOS company which has offered the highest amount for the purchase of PTK?

How can we consider this a serious offer, if since the beginning, without paying a single Euro, the bidder, AXOS requests to possess 35 million Euros in readymade cash at the moment that the company is passed under its ownership.