IBNA Interview/Leader of the Incentive for Kosovo, Limaj: Different approach toward the state

IBNA Interview/Leader of the Incentive for Kosovo, Limaj: Different approach toward the state

Limaj: Incentive for Kosovo is the big surprise of these elections

Leader of the Incentive for Kosovo, Fatmir Limaj says in an interview given for IBNA news agency, that the party that he leads will be the big surprise of these elections. He says that this political subject will be engaged for the rule of law and for a different  approach toward institutions, citizens and the state. According to him, Incentive for Kosovo attempts  through its economic program to transform the economy of Kosovo from a chaotic unprotected economy, to an economy of production which competes with the countries of the region and beyond. Limaj says that the Incentive will enter a coalition with any political party, apart from the Democratic Party of Kosovo.

IBNA: What are the expectations of the Incentive for Kosovo out of these elections?

Limaj: What’s important is that Incentive for Kosovo is the only alternative which has broken all political barriers of the political arena in Kosovo, it’s the alternative which has  in it people of different domains, of different generations, but its main axiom is the youth of the country, therefore we say without any doubt that Incentive for Kosovo will be the big surprise of these elections.

IBNA: Why must the Incentive be voted?

Limaj: The country needs a new approach toward the state. You have heard different promises today being made in Kosovo. The Incentive believes that the most important thing for our country is to change the approach toward institutions, state, citizen, independent institutions and the introduction of a different politics. We’re trying to return to the law, institutions, by respecting those laws that we have made and to respect the independence of institutions.

IBNA: What is your offer for the Kosovar voters?

Limaj: A different approach and a democratic governing mentality, which is controlled by institutions and for decision making to be left to the citizens or citizens’ representatives. The absence of an economic program has caused a chaos. The economic situation in the country is serious, almost  alarming. Every day poverty deepens. The citizens of Kosovo and the state of Kosovo has turned into a state of survival. We survive. A Kosovar family today barely manages to survive and the state of Kosovo to is struggling to survive, having no alternatives, no new investments and unable to offer new opportunities to the citizens. What we promise to the citizens of our country is to restore hope for a better future. And all this again comes to a different approach toward ourselves and our state and above all, the Incentive for Kosovo, through its economic program, tries to transform the economy of Kosovo from a chaotic and unprotected economy, an economy which has no stimulus and which has been abandoned by the state, to a productive economy.

IBNA: What party will you enter a coalition with after the elections?

Limaj: With all other political forces that we will be joined by the program. Incentive for Kosovo doesn’t see governing as the ultimate goal. The Incentive has several principles that it believes in. If we have a joint program, if the promises that we’ve made to the citizens will be reflected in that governing program, the Incentive will be part of such governance. But, in case there will not be room for what I’m referring to, then the Incentive will continue to defend the interests of the citizens and those that voted us to represent them in the parliament of the country. /ibna/