IBNA Interview/Leader of BDI lawmakers: Publication of registrations must be stopped

IBNA Interview/Leader of BDI lawmakers: Publication of registrations must be stopped

In an interview for IBNA news agency, the chairman of the BDI (Democratic Union for Integration) parliamentary group, former minister of Defence in FYROM, Talat Xhaferri, talks about the latest political developments in the country, the progress with the agreement for the solution of the political crisis and other topics.

Xhaferri also comments the proposal made by him for the approval of a bill which would stop the publication of registered materials by the media

Interviewed by Naser Pajaziti

IBNA: Today’s the last deadline for the finalization of the agreement which relates to the holding of the elections. What is BDI’s positioning in relation to the electoral units and the Electoral Code?

Xhaferri: Unfortunately, compromises which aim at solving the political crisis, are always being reached at the last minute. As a political party, we’re always engaged for free and democratic elections. As far as the debate for the electoral units is concerned, we support the holding of elections based on the current proportional electoral model with 6 electoral units. But a more ideal and acceptable solution for Albanians would be the 3 unit system.

We want voters’ lists to be cleared of any irregularities, in order to avoid fictitious voters which may be part of these lists. We also want the Diaspora to vote.

IBNA: Your party proposed for the publication of registered materials to be stopped. You have done this through a bill submitted to parliament. What is the reason for this decision, at a time that we know that your party is the one to demand the publication of the registered materials?

Xhaferri: We proposed a bill to stop further publication of registered materials, as this is also part of the agreement for the solution of the political crisis, according to which, after the election of the Special Prosecutor, the publication of all registered materials must be stopped. This is part of the agreement between the political leaders. This is why we proposed this bill and we demand for it to be voted in parliament through a fast tracked procedure.

IBNA: The opposition accused your party of attempting to apply censorship through this bill and that there’s a fear as a result of the investigations that will take place for the registered materials. How do you consider these comments?

Xhaferri: I don’t think that there’s any reason for us as a party to be scared of investigations which are conducted by the Special Prosecutor in relation to the registered materials. Whoever is incriminated in breaking the law, must face political and criminal responsibilities. This has been clearly stated by our party. We do not evade any investigation. We believe that the Special Prosecutor and her team have the authority and professional credibility to investigate in compliance with the laws and the Constitution of the country.

IBNA: Schisms recently occurred within the ranks of your party, where former fellow party members formed a new political party called Unity, while accusing your party of being controlled by the Macedonian party in power VMRO-DPMNE of PM Nikola Gruevski. How true are these accusations?

Xhaferri: I wouldn’t say that there are schisms. These are personal evaluations. I don’t want to comment on anything, but I think that divisions will have an impact in dividing the Albanian vote. /ibna/