IBNA Interview/Democrat MP Albina Deda offers her insight on the opposition’s protest

IBNA Interview/Democrat MP Albina Deda offers her insight on the opposition’s protest

The protest called by the opposition on 16 February attracted lots of attention. What really caught the eye during this protest? Was it a normal protest? Did it turn violent and why? What did this protest show? Did it improve the opposition’s reputation? What was the signal that this protest sent to PM Rama? Democrat Party MP, Albina Deda offers her insights for Independent Balkan News Agency.

Everyone was expecting to see a massive protest.  Do you consider it to be massive and was all the preparation that was made justified?

Despite the tricks played by the media controlled by Edi Rama, the protest was extraordinary. The opposition did not sponsor this rally, like Edi Rama did with one that was held with public sector employees in Vlora. The opposition was united in its demand to remove Edi Rama from power, because the way he’s been governing has had negative effects for everyone.

What did this protest show?

The protest showed that every Albanian has had enough of this government. No one believes in changes that may be made. Edi Rama no longer has place here and he must leave. Saturday’s protest clearly confirmed this.

What were some of the deficiencies of this protest?

Although the protest was not merely a political one, it was well-organized. It started with protesters giving flowers to police officers and it ended with the military gas launched by a regime which has come in power through money generated by trafficking and corruption. This analysis is simple and there’s no need for any more comments.

How do you see future protests of the opposition? Did the protest have an impact on Rama?

Protests will intensify. Even if Edi Rama intends on turning into a Maduro type leader, he will have to leave at any cost. Not only Albanians, but the international community too is clear that this person, who has lost touch with reality, is installing an authoritarian and corrupt system. Everyone’s clear that Rama is preventing not only integration, but he’s also becoming the worst example in the region.

The opposition says that police provoked several protesters, while the government says that protesters were violent. What is your take on this?

Edi Rama and his police are known for playing such tricks. Police cordon was opened intentionally in order to provoke anger and turn this anger into violence. Thank God, there are CCTVs in place that prove the contrary. This sort of trick will turn out to be a boomerang for Edi Rama. /ibna/