IBNA Interview/Bytyçi: Moscow and Belgrade are aiming to cause instability in Kosovo and the region

IBNA Interview/Bytyçi: Moscow and Belgrade are aiming to cause instability in Kosovo and the region

In an exclusive interview for IBNA news agency, professor and analyst, Enver Bytyçi comments the recent tension in the North of Kosovo following the murder of the Serb politician, Oliver Ivanovic.

He says that secret services in Moscow and Belgrade are trying to cause instability in Kosovo and the other countries of the region. In this interview, he also talks about the role of KFOR and other security agencies in Kosovo, the Special Tribunal, Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and European integration process.

Interviewed by Muhamer Pajaziti

Can the murder of the Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic cause instability in Kosovo?

The morning of 16 January 2018 shocked public opinion in Kosovo and beyond. The murder of the leading politician Oliver Ivanovic was a tragic event. If you want to find the perpetrators of such act, then you should ask the following questions: Who was interested on this murder? Albanians? No! Secret services and politicians in Belgrade? This is the most likely option, because they are interested on seeing unrest in Kosovo.

The two key players interested on seeing instability in Kosovo are Belgrade and Moscow. Belgrade and Kremlin know that they cannot do anything through normal means. Violence, conflict and unrest are the only means through which they can gain territories, economic influences and also political and military influences. Kosovo is the first objective, because it’s easier to operate there. Nis is near. The country has not been recognized internationally. The Serbs in the north of Mitrovica and Albanians in the south are still divided. But, Serbs and Russians are not only aiming Kosovo, but also Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. Without destabilizing Kosovo and without conditioning the solution to its status with the division of its territory, neither Belgrade, nor Moscow can divide Bosnia and Macedonia. So, Ivanovic’s murder aims at destabilizing Kosovo. This is why the government in Pristina, Tirana and Macedonia must be alert and show maturity.

Could it be that secret services of the country aiming to destabilize Kosovo be involved in this murder?

At least two secret services have been involved in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic: the Serb and the Russian one. Both of these services have set up a joint training center in Nis, in the southeastern part of Serbia.This center has been known as a factor of instability in the region. Let us recall the events of 2015 in Montenegro and the attempt for a coup d’etat in Podgorica. Everything is coordinated between the Serb and Russian service. 20 million USD have been allocated in order to cause unrest. This is where the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic finds his murders.

Are Kosovo Security Force and KFOR able to guarantee security in the territory of Kosovo?

For as long as NATO, meaning KFOR, is present in Kosovo, I believe that security is guaranteed. But, KFOR is not everything. NATO’s allies must coordinate every action with institutions and politicians of Kosovo and above all, the Security Force. Security is a wide concept, but Kosovo has many challenges, which it cannot address on its own. This is why I believe that the only solution for Kosovo is to take political action, to have a good government, to preserve stability and improve the well-being of the citizens.

How do you consider the incentive of several MPs to repeal the Special Tribunal?

Every attempt to repeal this tribunal must be undone. Every such effort will isolate Kosovo and ultimately dissolve it as a state. Thus, Kosovo is risking to be dissolved along with the Special Tribunal of these attempts continue.

How do you consider the dialogue for the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia?

Dialogue with Serbia is important, but there must be more preparations. There must be dialogue, but no concessions at the detriment of the integrity of Kosovo. Dialogue for the citizens, integration and mutual recognition of both states. If this dialogue is manipulated, then Kosovo loses not only political integrity, but it may also lose territory.

Can the EU enlargement strategy bring peace and stability in the region?

Integration is a big word, but Kosovo needs to address several problems before becoming a member of EU and NATO. It must ratify the border deal with Montenegro. Pristina must urgently do this. If it doesn’t do it, it will remain isolated. If its isolation continues, then there may be social unrest. If there are social unrest, the damages that would be caused would be ten times bigger than a demarcation line.

Secondly, there must be good governance, without corruption and without ties with the crime. Kosovo needs to react against anyone who acts as an obstacle for its progress. /balkaneu.com/