IBNA Interview/Bozovic: Russian-Serb scenarios in the northern part of Kosovo

IBNA Interview/Bozovic: Russian-Serb scenarios in the northern part of Kosovo

In an exclusive interview for IBNA, Kosovo based Serb journalist, Bojan Bozovic talks about the latest incidents and tension in the north of Kosovo.

He says that the north of Kosovo will continue to be a region in crisis for a long time and Serbia will use it to mine Kosovo’s European path. Bozovic also comments on the role of KFOR in the region, Russia’s influence and the process of talks between Kosovo and Serbia. Currently, Bojan Bozovic lives in Pristina and he’s a member of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, as the first and the only Serb part of this political party

Interviewed by Muhamer Pajaziti

Can the murder of the Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic cause unrest in Kosovo?

Like any other negative event, the murder of the Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic will also have a negative impact on the security of the northern part of Kosovo. Serbs will accuse Pristina on this murder and Albanians will accuse Belgrade before the investigation is complete. If Ivanovic’s murder was committed by an ordinary criminal, then this case will be solved without any delays. If the murder had political motives, then I think that this case will never be solved.

Who could be involved in his murder?

I don’t want to speculate, because if I had to choose between Pristina and Belgrade, then I’d say Ivanovic’s murder was commissioned by Belgrade. Recently, Ivanovic had called on the Serbs of Kosovo not to fear Albanians; instead, they should fear criminal elements in Northern Mitrovica. We know that the biggest criminal in the north is Zvonko Veselinovic, a good friend of Aleksandar Vucic, therefore we also know why and who assassinated Oliver Ivanovic.

What will be the fate of the north of Kosovo? Will it always remain a source for unrest and tension?

Mitrovica will continue to be a region generating crises and tension for a long time and this not because Albanians and Serbs who live here want this. Mitrovica is an excellent instrument through which Belgrade is able to block Kosovo’s European path. I’m under the impression that it’s also convenient for the EU not to have a stable situation in the north of Kosovo.

Can KFOR guarantee the stability of this region?

The only thing that KFOR can guarantee is for the Serb army and police not to return to Kosovo. As for the rest, including incidents such as Ivanovic’s murder, KFOR will not get mixed up.

Is there Russian presence in northern Mitrovica?

Russia is interested in the northern part of Kosovo and it is certainly present there through Russian secret services and by obtaining important information through Serb secret services BIA. Russia is also interested on the economic and natural resources of this part of Kosovo.

How do you consider the dialogue for the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia?

Dialogue needs to continue and both sides must show responsibility in this aspect. Kosovo needs to vote for the creation of the Association of Serb Communes, while Serbia needs to decide until April whether it wants to join the EU or Russia. This country must also give from the idea that Kosovo is part of it. /balkaneu.com/