IBNA interview with the socialist MP, Sadri Abazi: Now Albania is safer and the economy relieved

IBNA interview with the socialist MP, Sadri Abazi: Now Albania is safer and the economy relieved

Yesterday’s developments will be engraved in the memory of every Albanian. After three months of protest in a tent, the opposition put an end to it thanks to the agreement reached between SP and DP. The elections were decided to take place on 25 June.

This agreement was praised by international institutions. It relieved Albanians, but also the international community that participated in this historical agreement.

The finalization of the agreement was followed by many government changes, which, according to the opposition, were the only ones that could bring free and fair elections.

After these declarations, the drafter of the agreement between Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha, David McAlister considered the efforts made by the EU and USA to put an end to the political crisis in Albania a success.

Here are the insights of the socialist MP, one of the few ones who believed that Albanian politics would find a way out.

Interviewed by Albert Z. Zholi

The agreement that was reached was associated several changes in the government cabinet. How would you consider the agreement and what do you owe it to?

This agreement is owed to Prime Minister Edi Rama. It was his vision and his way of doing modern politics. He made this agreement in order for the entire Albania to participate in the elections. It is a big move in a delicate moment. Such movements are made by politicians who put the interests of the country above their own interests. No other Prime Minister would make such a bold move for the destiny of the people and the country. Nobody would believe that Rama would make such concessions that no other politician would make if they were in his position.

Did the SP fully back this agreement?

Of course, there were no objections. On this move, we saw the wisdom and vision of our Prime Minister, who was above the vision of every party leader. Such move could have only been made by a modern man such as Edi Rama.

Will this move have a positive or a negative impact on the SP’s election result?

This agreement will only have a positive impact. With this movement, the Albanian people was convinced that there is only one Prime Minister who knows how to make concessions which serve to the nation and not the people. With this agreement, our popularity as a party grew and we will achieve a bigger victory than the 23 June elections.

Was the role of the international community decisive in this agreement?

The international community had a significant role, but not a decisive role. A decisive role was played by the Prime Minister and the concessions that he made, because he’s convinced that he will win the elections thanks to his work.

What will be the biggest victory of this agreement?

The voting of the Vetting process in Parliament. This process may be implemented now. Our obligation as a majority is to offer to the Albanian people this right. Vetting and Judicial Reform give way to Albania’s European integration.

The Tent will no longer be present amid us after this. But has this had an impact on the economy?

The Tent will no longer exist now. The Tent only brought negative effects on the economy, law and order and traffic. Now, Albania is safer and economic is more relieved. The elections will be fair and free. /balkaneu.com/