IBNA interview with opposition representative in Albania

IBNA interview with opposition representative in Albania

The opposition is not against the Constitution and the laws of this country. This is why its protests will continue. This was said in a special interview for IBNA by Republican Party’s General Secretary, Arjan Madhi. According to the opposition’s senior official, the opposition is determined not to enter the June 30 local elections and that the current situation in the country makes early elections a necessity.

Interviewed  by Albert Zholi

The Congress of the Socialist Party was held a few days ago. How would you consider it?

I would consider it as an ordinary activity. This congress did not really arouse the public’s interest. The only thing we saw there was an analysis that the Socialist Party carried out, however, this had more to do with the party’s internal affairs rather than the present and the future of the country.

How would you comment the opposition’s latest protest?

Thousands of people gathered on March 16 with the same goal in mind. They openly manifested their discontent against the current government, which is no longer giving them any hope. However, this protest also brought something new; we saw parliament being surrounded. This act symbolizes the majority’s surrender and the start of a new beginning through early elections.

How would you consider the opposition’s decision to boycott parliament? Do you think this was necessary and why?

I think that the decision to boycott parliament was unprecedented. However, this does not make it unacceptable as a legitimate political instrument.

Let’s focus a little on the statements coming from foreign diplomats. What’s your take on them?

They’re still to come up with a valid argument which makes the decision taken by the opposition unacceptable. I don’t see anything illegitimate here.

How do you see the future of these protests?

Protests will continue until they meet their purposes, otherwise, there’s no point holding them. The international community must also be involved in a political process of mediation and this would be more than welcome. The path toward the European Union is a difficult one, because the government hasn’t even been open to dialogue in order to find a solution. The current ruling party must stop accusing the opposition of acting as an obstacle for the integration process. Every political party should be held accountable by civil society and this sort of practice is something we see in every democratic country.

Are you going to participate in the local government elections?

I stand true to the reasons that made me join this protest. The fact that we’re still hopeless about the introduction of an electoral code, which would tackle every criminal situation or monitor every process which could be manipulative, doesn’t allow us to participate in these elections. Today’s electoral code offers no assurances whatsoever.