IBNA Interview/ “Violence is being used as an instrument to evade responsibility for the wiretapping scandal”

IBNA Interview/ “Violence is being used as an instrument to evade responsibility for the wiretapping scandal”

In an interview for IBNA, Prof. Dr. Bardhyl Mahmuti has expressed his concerns in relation to the current situation in FYR Macedonia, which according to him, is escalating. According to him, Nikola Gruevski’s government wants a war. He says that the armed clashes in Kumanovo came as a result of the wiretapping affair that was a cause for concern for the current government.

Bardhy Mahmuti is currently on exile, because the party that he chairs, Albanian Democratic Union (BDSH), could not win any MPs in the recent elections in FYROM. But he’s known as one of the founders of the former Kosovo Liberation Army, serving as the head of the diplomatic group of this military formation in the war of Kosovo.

IBNA: Being an expert of political developments and of security in the region and the country, how do you consider the latest crisis of the armed conflict that was registered in Kumanovo quarter?

Bardhyl Mahmuti: The wiretapping affairs revealed by the opposition, caused much concern for the current government in Skopje. In this context we must understand the logic of the government people in Skopje that in order to divert attention from the implication of the head of the state in murder, the hiding of evidence, orchestrated judicial trials, dictate over state institutions, theft of public property and corruption as the only form for the functioning of this dictatorship, there must be scenarios such as this one. Information sources that discovered the secrets of this corrupted power unveiled several weeks ago that the tragedy in Kumanovo would take place, that PM Nikola Gruevski and the head of Secret Services, Sasa Mijalkov had paid several millions in order to encourage a cross ethnic armed conflict. A controlled cross ethnic conflict could be the only way to divert the attention of the revolted people.

IBNA: You’re saying that the current government is involved in this event and that it aims to cause instability?

Bardyhul Mahmuti: I don’t have the slightest doubt that they have wanted to cause an armed conflict of an ethnic character in a territory inhabited by Albanians, which would give way to anti-Albanian hate. This manner of conflicts would divert the attention of the people, because we know very well that the true bombs are louder than those of the wiretapping scandal. As far as the armed group is concerned, they are former commanders of KLA and I do not doubt on their patriotic feelings. But are they manipulated and who manipulated them? They are the only ones to know this. On the other hand, Albanians in Macedonia have millions of reasons to be disgruntled with their position in this state and the lack of advancement of their rights. But it must not be resorted to weapons before exhausting all political instruments.

IBNA: How do you consider the reaction of authorities in Pristina and Tirana in relation to the situation in the country?

Bardhyl Mahmuti: The level of concern has been the same among Albanians wherever they are, Kosovo, Albania and other world countries. A strong mobilization has also been seen by media in Kosovo and Albania. In Tirana, there was even a protest against the siege in Kumanovo. But we cannot say the same thing about the political stances. The majority of declarations stressed that this conflict should not be at the expense of the Albanian people. Unfortunately we also had stances which called for “the stability in the state of Macedonia to be preserved”. Macedonia is not a stable country and it cannot be stable without putting an end to discrimination against Albanians. All of those who are interested for long stability in this part of the Balkan, must be seriously engaged in respecting all the political, economic and social rights of Albanians in this state.

IBNA: Given that clashes in Kumanovo saw victims and material damages, do you have an appeal about the situation in the country?

Bardhyl Mahmuti: I call on all sides to analyze the situation that we’re going through. We cannot make war to please someone or to make someone mad, and especially when this pleases the enemy. The political means have not yet been exhausted. We must reflect a lot, especially when electing those who represent our national interests.

All political forces and intellectual resources must mobilize in order to fight all those injustices that the Albanian people in Macedonia are suffering, because this will no longer generate conflicts. /ibna/