IBNA Interview/ “The political elite doesn’t solve the crisis”, says the former head of New Democracy, Imer Selmani

IBNA Interview/ “The political elite doesn’t solve the crisis”, says the former head of New Democracy, Imer Selmani

Imer Selmani is an expert of the political developments in FYROM. As one of the former leaders of New Democracy and former presidential candidate, says in his interview for Balkaneu that the current political elite does not have the capacity to solve the deep political crisis and according to him, this can only be done through the direct intervention of the international community

Interviewed by Naser Pajaziti/Independent Balkan News Agency

IBNA: How do you consider the current political crisis, which in the form of a metastasis, it has spread in other domains?

Selmani: The political crisis in the country, if I can use a medical language, has taken the dimensions of a severe chronic illness, which without a surgical intervention, can no longer be cured.

IBNA: What is the solution of this situation: the political talks or protests? Or do you see any other option?

Selmani: Both. There cannot be talks without protests. The more powerful the protests are on the streets, the more politicians are obliged to sit down and talk. But at the same time, the fact that people take on the streets shows that politicians have failed with their policies.

IBNA: Do you think that the Special Prosecution will be able to fulfill its mission, bearing in mind the different blockades and obstructions, including the decision to grant amnesty by president Ivanov?

Selmani: The amnesty decision by Ivanov is against the Przino agreement and the rule of law. Under these circumstances, this decree must be abrogated by parliament or by Ivanov himself. And this will happen soon, because such presidential amnesties have not been seen in the new history of modern states of the democratic world. With such amnesties, the country cannot become a member of the EU and NATO. Our country must be decriminalized through the Special Prosecution. With the amnesty that Ivanov granted to politicians, the crime in the country has been stimulated.

IBNA: Do political factor players in the country have the capacity to put an end to the crisis or is the intervention of the international community decisive?

Selmani: The current political elite in the country has shown so far that it doesn’t have the capacity to solve the political crisis, which is also causing economic crises. The intervention from our international partners, USA and EU, must be strong and decisive. The political elite with its confusing policies, inconsistent and counterproductive, is making the country a half protectorate and in such situation, this is a good thing for the country and our future.

IBNA: Can we say that the country has moved away a little from the European integration plan?

Selmani: Under these circumstances, the EU integration is out of question as a topic. The truth is that our politicians prefer isolation over integration for the sake of their personal interests. These politicians are very dangerous, because they use the nationalist argument to justify their policies. Time has come for Albanian politicians to show more responsibility in front of the people, to insist more and come up with concrete decisions which must demonstrate integration and not isolation.

IBNA: What is the solution of this crisis and the alternative that will lead this multi-ethnic country toward a sustainable future focused on economic development and development in other domains?

Selmani: This is a one million dollar question, because every citizen addresses this question to enjoy peace, welfare and prosperity for their families and the country. This time, sacrifices must be made by the politicians who brought this situation in the country.

The first step to take back the country into the right tracks are: the abrogation of the amnesty by President Ivanov, further postponement of the elections, Special Prosecution must be left to do its job and the holding of free and democratic elections. EU and NATO integration and the concentration on the economic development and social welfare of the citizens can only be delivered by uncorrupt politicians and more work must be done to restore the citizens’ trust on the institutions of the country, as this trust has shaken enormously. /balkaneu.com/