IBNA Interview/ “The main four political parties are ruining the future of the country”

IBNA Interview/ “The main four political parties are ruining the future of the country”

In an interview for Balkaneu, Jove Kekenovski, professor of political sciences and founder of the new movement FRODEM (Front for a Democratic Macedonia), talks about the political developments in the country and the recent political agreement, which has given way to new elections. Kekenovski, known as one of the founders of the party in power VMRO-DPMNE says that the four main political parties in the country are coming to an agreement to defend their personal interests

Interviewed by Naser Pajaziti

IBNA: How do you consider the political situation after the new agreement and the voting of the reform in parliament? Do you think that the agreement will be implemented?

The political situation hasn’t seen any changes and we don’t see any improvements, besides the unanimous approval in parliament of what was agreed, but unfortunately, they have also voted anti-constitutional decisions. Although the latest agreement has many unclear things, I would like it to be implemented, because it is very clear that the elections are the only way to remove from power this corrupt elite which is in power. Given that the leaders of the parties which have signed the agreement change their position depending on their interests, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do not come to an agreement and not hold elections until the end of the year.

IBNA: At the end of this month, the four largest parties must decide if the conditions have been met to hold elections at the end of the year. What are your expectations and do you think that elections must be held?

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We will see if the conditions for elections have been met when the leaders of the four parties meet on 31 August. If there is good will and serious pressure by the international community, then we could have a solution. But it is sad when you think that the leaders of the four parties, VMRO-DPMNE, SDSM, BDI and PDSH uphold, first of all, their interests. Reading the agreement, I can see that the general interests of the society have not been taken into account at all. Everything has been incorporated there bearing in mind the interests of the leaders and their parties.

IBNA: How do you see the functioning of the Special Prosecution, which is dealing with the investigation of the wiretapping affair?

For the moment, we’re not seeing any obstructions in the work of this institution, but we don’t have any information as to what is this institution working on. The agreement doesn’t mention anything on the special court or a special judicial unit and given that our judicial system is politicized, I believe that there will be obstructions later. This will happen when the cases investigated by the Special Prosecution will be delivered to the court and when sanctions are demanded. Obstructions will continue during investigations too, especially when investigations focus on the leader of the party in power.

IBNA: Besides the political crisis, the country is also incurring new debts and we have the revision of the budget due to failed economic projections. How do you consider these developments?

This policy of debts is taking the country along the same path that Greece went through. This policy of insanities is taking us toward a new crisis, this time, a long-term crisis. But had the means to come out of the crisis, while we have nowhere to go or what to offer. What the parties in power have done is a financial and economic crime against the innocent Macedonian people. They created debts for the future generations. Those who decided on borrowing this money are destroying the future of our country. The order for new loans coming from suspicious structures of the party is an attempt to destroy the economy and lower the living standards of our citizens, but also to corrupt the citizens ahead of the elections.

IBNA: There are also problems relating to the name contest, which is preventing the Euro Atlantic integration path of the country. What are your expectations on this?

In such an instable situation from all points of view, we cannot wait until the name contest with Greece is solved. Who is ready to negotiate with politicians that lie in every word that they say, when they do not keep their promises and who do not have any credibility and authority to implement the agreements. To the majority of them who are part of the Przino agreement, the solution of the name contest is not convenient, because this implies that the country will enter the EU and NATO. Once this happens, these politicians will no longer be key players, but people who will go to prison for their crimes, corruption and all the bad things that they have caused to our people and country. /balkaneu.com/