IBNA Interview/ “Moral, economic and political degradation of Kosovo will continue”

IBNA Interview/ “Moral, economic and political degradation of Kosovo will continue”

Professor of political sciences and analyst Nexhmedin Spahiu says in an exclusive interview for IBNA that the new government of Kosovo will not bring anything new, besides further moral, economic and political degradation. He says that the nature of this governing coalition doesn’t allow economic development, but only degradation. According to him, the only way out is not through social protests, but by leaving to western European countries. Spahiu also talks about a normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo and the role of the Kosovar diplomacy in the international agenda.

What are your expectations from the next government between PDK and LDK?

The PDK-LDK government will merely be the continuation of the government of PDK. This government cannot bring anything else but further moral, economic and political degradation of Kosovo, especially if the PM will be held by LDK. PDK will have no scruples in the government of Kosovo, while the failures will be blamed on LDK.

How much will expectations for the economic development of the country be met and also expectations in the European integration aspect?

The nature of this governing coalition doesn’t allow economic development, but only degradation.

Kosovo is facing great economic problems, extreme poverty, massive exodus… Do you think that the country risks social protests?

People in Kosovo are not interested on protesting, but on fleeing. And this is what they’re doing. At the moment when Isa Mustafa betrayed the opposition bloc, the citizens of Kosovo lost all hope for positive changes and this marked the start of a massive exodus.

What will happen with the process of the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia? Do you think that there will be a Peace Treaty between the two countries?

If Sesel doesn’t die, dialogue with Serbia may come to a deadlock. Sesel’s role is being undermined, bearing in mind the fact that his radicals could not enter parliament. This happened when he was in prison, but now he’s in Belgrade and power is now held by his former servants. They have betrayed Sesel, but their vision cannot measure that of Sesel. Vucic and Nikolic are inferior in comparison to their former leader. Now Vucic’s and Nikolic’s complicated vision “with the West and with Russia” is facing a simpler vision “With Russia”. I don’t think that in the near future, there will be a peace treaty between Kosovo and Serbia. This cannot be expected to happen before Sesel dies.

How do you consider Kosovar diplomacy? Is Kosovo expected to access the European Council or UNO in 2015?

Kosovar diplomacy is where Kosovo is in general: at the end of the well. But, the international agenda of Kosovo will move forward thanks to its allies.

Nexhmedin Spahiu is a mathematician and political expert, author of the theory on the Kosovar nation. Nexhmedin Spahiu was born in Mitrovica, Kosovo, on 20.09.1964. He has been a professor at the University of Tirana, University of Tetovo, University of Pristina and that of Hamburg. He has published scientific works and works in the domain of mathematics and political sciences. He has published eight books. His political analyses are featured by criticism, the courage to handle delicate issues in different situations and the accurate prediction of political processes. In an essay published at the start of 1992, Spahiu has foreseen the epilogue of the wars in former Yugoslavia, bombardment of Belgrade by NATO and other political developments. In 1999, he founded Mitrovica Radio Television, where he promoted debate on the hottest political and cultural topics. Since 1999, he has chaired the NGOs of Kosovo Assembly, which represents civil society in Kosovo.