IBNA Interview: Kabranov: The opposition ‘bombs’ will deepen political crisis in Skopje

IBNA Interview: Kabranov: The opposition ‘bombs’ will deepen political crisis in Skopje

Interview with Aco Kabranov, political analyst and head of the media platform “Libertas” in Skopje

In the interview given today to IBNA news agency, the prominent political analyst and head of Skopje based “Libertas” media platform, Aco Kabranov talks about the warnings of the opposition in Skopje about the so called ‘bombs’ against the government, containing compromising evidence against the current government involving corruption and criminal acts. Kabranov says that the country is heading toward a tense situation and adds that the removal of the current government is not ruled out.

Interviewed by Naser Pajaziti

IBNA: How do you assess the latest political clashes between majority and opposition, especially in relation to the accusations for a political “coup d’etat” by the opposition and the declaration of the opposition leader as a spy working for secret services?

Kabranov: The accusations of PM Nikola Gruevski according to whom, opposition leader Zoran Zaev, with the aid of foreign secret services is preparing a coup d’etat or that he’s trying to remove him from the post of PM, are tragic and ridiculous. If the ‘bombs’ warned by Zaev contain evidence for corruption and criminality by the prime minister and his ministers, then it’s not important who gave these documents to the opposition leader. Why must this be considered as a coup d’etat at a time when the citizens want to know the truth and that this is evidence proves that the government is robbing them and impoverishing them?

The public appearance of the prime minister to say that the opposition is preparing a coup d’etat, his voice which expressed a great concern and the composure that reigns within the opposition, makes me believe that the opposition leader does have evidence that incriminate the government on massive eavesdropping of the citizens and other accusations. I believe that the publication of these materials will make the situation even tenser. Gruevski doesn’t have the capacity to withdraw, because he knows what awaits him.

IBNA: What do you think is the most acceptable solution to restore the spirit of political dialogue and to find a political solution that would avoid a deep political crisis?

Kabranov: I think that for the time being, there’s no room for dialogue between this majority and opposition. Although the PM promises to the international community that he will engage in dialogue, he didn’t do this in a transparent way. I believe that this country cannot move forward with this prime minister. We’re seeing how our state is turning into totalitarian state, how the people in power are getting rich, while the citizens are becoming poorer and poorer and scared of speaking openly.

IBNA: How do you see the role of Albanian parties in these clashes amid the Macedonian camp, as the situation may also be reflected in the aspect of ethnic relations?

Kabranov: I believe that this situation will deepen the political crisis, but it may also affect the state security. But, I want to believe that this frightened government will not spark cross ethnic tension to divert attention. As far as the two Albanian parties are concerned, that in power BDI and that in opposition, PDSH, they serve to Gruevski’s regime. I think that the leader of BDI, Ali Ahmeti must not be forgiven for the ruined democracy and the installment of dictatorship. Ahmeti is as guilty as Gruevski. They are governing together, they are passing laws together. Leader of PDSH, Menduh Thaci plays the role of quasi opposition. He’s close to the head of the secret services, Sasi Mijalkov and acts like he tells him I’m sorry that Albanian citizens have no political alternatives at the moment. Let us see what the “BESA” new movement and the political movement announced by Ziadin Sela-current mayor of Struga will bring.

IBNA: Do you think that the country is moving in the opposite direction in the aspect of European integration and are you expecting a solution as far as the name dispute, which is the main barrier in this process, is concerned?

Kabranov: There will not be a solution of the name dispute and serious advances of the state toward EU and NATO, because this is not desired by Gruevski and Ahmeti. We have seen how valid Ahmeti’s threats are when he threatened that he would abandon the government until Autumn 2014 if there was no solution to the name dispute and if we didn’t enter NATO. Autumn is gone, while BDI not only has not left, but it’s scared that Gruevski may expel it from the government and replace it by Thaci’s party. With this government, our country has no chance to move forward, because they want no progress, but personal enrichment and privileges. They will never feel any responsibility for the citizens. This is the way it will be until the citizens decide to free themselves from Gruevski’s and Ahmeti’s dictatorship. /ibna/