IBNA Analysis/Rama-Basha agreement will have positive effects that will prevent other crises

IBNA Analysis/Rama-Basha agreement will have positive effects that will prevent other crises

The agreement that was reached last week between the socialist Prime Minister, Edi Rama and the leader of the right wing opposition, Lulzim Basha, puts an end not only to the crisis of the recent months, but also of the 27 year old political crises and finally made Albania a serious country in the eyes of the world.

Above all, the agreement is an excellent premise to put an end to a long list of contests by the losing side. This is also confirmed by Mr. Rama. “On June 25 we will have elections which will not be burdened by the state machinery and after they are held, nobody will contest as they usually did in the past, complaining about the role of the state”, the head of the left wing government said.

But another important achievement of the agreement relates to the fact that it puts an end to the international negotiation of Albanian crises.

The agreement stipulates the mutual obligation of the sides to institutionalize dialogue between majority and opposition, without waiting for international mediators.

Meanwhile, this is the first time that the agreement between the leaders of the left wing and the right wing, which have been political rivals for nearly three decades, doesn’t offer instant solutions, but goes beyond the elections.

The sides have pledged that the majority and opposition that will come out after the June 25 elections will be together in the path of launching the EU accession talks.

This is also explained by the Prime Minister: “The disagreements between the two sides in the path of democratic cohabitation will not serve as a reason to become a mockery of ourselves in the eyes of Europe, whereby for 27 years in a row we have acted as if we’ve been enemies of different nationalities coming from different countries”.

On the other hand, from now on there will be frequent meetings between political leaders. The agreement that was signed on 18 May 2017 stipulates that the head of the government and leader of opposition will regularly meet to discuss on the progress of integration and on issues bearing a national interest, which need to be addressed by our foreign policy, in order to better coordinate with the Albanian political players in the region and work together along with the Diaspora in terms of domestic policies.

But will the war between the left wing and right wing continue? Prime Minister Rama assures that the two sides are in different paths, therefore the political war will not stop: “SP and DP have been opponents and will be political opponents. They have two different alternatives and programs. Above all, our paths are different”.

For the leader of opposition, Lulzim Basha, “the battle for free and fair elections was not crowned with the overthrowing of the government, but with the removal of half of its members, with guarantees that must be applied to the letter”.

“Through the political dialogue which was made obligatory following the resistance and the unification of the people, the old republic accepted the institutional path of its elimination, to give way to the New Republic”.

It seems that for the democrat leader, the agreement solves crises, but on the other hand, its aim is not to reconcile the sides. Basha assures that the political war will continue. “The Democratic Party and our allies are stronger and more ready than ever not to stop our march toward a New Republic, toward the victory of every Albanian man and woman”. /balkaneu.com/