The hysteria of attacks against the president

The hysteria of attacks against the president

By Çerçiz Loloçi

In the past few days, the president of Republic, Bujar Nishani has been under attack, mainly by the majority, but also by  the so called independent analysts.

The first pretext for this attack has been the proposal of the Foreign Ministry to nominate poet Visar Zhiti as ambassador in the Vatican, a proposal which has been unanimously voted at the foreign parliamentary committee, but which has three problems.

Visar Zhiti, prominent writer and publicist, former political prisoner, is part of the prominent figures of today’s opposition. Among others, he’s also an MP, diplomat and minister of Culture in the government of the Democratic Party. Had he been a strong character, he would, since the very beginning, not accept the post of ambassador at the Holy See.

The other problem, of which Zhiti, the government that proposed it, the current prime minister, left and right wing MPs are fully aware is the fact that no ambassador can go to another country without first obtaining the consent of the country where he will exert his diplomat functions. The fact that a leader of the church is explicitly against this nomination, means no more no less that he should be replaced by someone else, in order not to threaten the excellent relations that exist between the Republic of Albania and the state of Vatican. (The greatest surprise consists of the fact that democrat MPs at the parliamentary committee for foreign affairs were in favor of the proposal of the Foreign Ministry. This way, Visar would not grumble against the Holy See). The third problem consists of the fact that Mr. Zhiti, like many other ambassadors, although they’re decreed by the President of Republic, are not consulted with this institution. This makes this process void and lead to non approval of the proposals. The history of the clashes of majorities with presidents is not something new for the fragile Albanian state.

Albanian majorities after the nineties, or better say, prime ministers have registered many cases of clashes up to diplomatic scandals, not only when the government belongs to the left wing and the president belongs to the right wing, but even in the case when these two institutions belong to the same political force.

But the concern is much deeper. It consists of the lack of ability of our political class, left and right, to build institutions that respect each other and which work for the Albanian people and not personal whims. Five or six presidential mandates or eight or nine prime minister mandates are enough for these two institutions to be more functional and more responsible for a number of problems that the Albanian society current has.

This story also includes the unscrupulous stances of a part of the press or opinion makers, who given that they have close relatives in the governing structures of the current majority, join the chorus of the denigrating attack against the institution of the president.

It’s no shame or heresy that media and TV channels favor majority or opposition, but the disgrace consists of the fact when media owners and “elite analysts” consider themselves as independent and uninfluenced by the two main political forces!

The second pretext for the unprecedented attack against the President of Republic is a plot of land in Elbasan, on which the only catholic church has been built, but which in fact is property of the wife of Mr. Bujar Nishani. Through a regular court procedure, the property has been returned to the heirs of Karaosmani family, but a catholic church has been built on this land.

A quick and quiet solution would consist on a settlement between the heir and catholic church, but there are also other solutions which do not justify the tarnishing of institutions, which in fact is tarnishing all of us, institutions and Albanian society.

*Sent by the author, writer, publicist and prominent opinion maker in the most important media in Tirana

** The opinion of the author doesn’t necessarily represent IBNA’s editorial line