Hungary aims at being involved in Albania’s energy and railway projects

Hungary aims at being involved in Albania’s energy and railway projects

Tirana, December 10, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albania and Hungary must boost up their relations, in order to strengthen economic cooperation and commercial exchanges.

This was agreed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati and Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Commerce, Peter Szijjarto, who arrived to Albania on a work visit (photo).

Mr. Bushati said that the government aims at attracting Hungarian investments in the Albanian market. “We’re aiming at attracting as many investments as possible and to open as many new opportunities of economic and commercial cooperation as possible with the Asian countries or the Middle Eastern countries, which are interested in our region and to be present an cooperate with our countries”.

The Hungarian Foreign Minister said that his country will pay special attention to the strengthening of economic and commercial cooperation.

“We’re aware of the fact that the Albanian government is making efforts in implementing a number of important projects and we would be happy if Hungarian companies contributed to the success of these projects, especially in the domain of water, energy, railways and agriculture”, Mr. Szijjarto said.

He said that the role of Western Balkan has grown due to changes in the global politics and economy. “Western Balkan will play a very important role in energy security of central Europe thanks to the decisions recently taken in the domain of energy. For Hungary, the stability of Western Balkan has a special importance and the best way to preserve it is by continuing with the European integration perspective”, Mr. Szijjarto said.

“It would be in the best interest of Central Europe to build this part of South Stream. Its construction would have contributed in supplying entire Europe with energy. Meanwhile, now we must explore new possibilities. Currently, we’re analyzing the situation and one of the possibilities to be supplied with gas from Azerbaijan is to bring it from southeast Europe and then to central Europe. Our main objective for the moment is to analyze and understand which are the countries that can contribute to bring gas from southeast Europe to central Europe”. /ibna/