Hundreds of thousands take to the streets in Turkey to celebrate the anniversary of the failed coup attempt

Hundreds of thousands take to the streets in Turkey to celebrate the anniversary of the failed coup attempt

Erdogan: “We will behead the traitors”

With great tribulations and celebrations, Turkey celebrated the one-year anniversary of the coup attempt against the Turkish government and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Citizens had to listen to a message by the President of  Turkey before making a call

What caused more impressions that day apart from the huge crowd gatherings was that anyone who made a call from a mobile phone, first had to listen to Erdogan’s wishes first before making the call.

The two largest telephone companies, Vodafone and Turkcell, as a “social service”, had had made sure that anyone who was on the phone had to listen to a recorded message of the Turkish Prime Minister to the Turkish people.

“As your President, I convey my wishes for the Day of Democracy and National Unity of July 15. I wish that our martyrs have the blessing of God and our veterans health”, the Turkish president said in his message.

Some people liked the idea of ​​the companies some didn’t. “It’s enough! This is a nightmare. Now he invades our mobile phones”, told for IBNA the Republican People’s Party MP, Aykut Erdogdu.

Erdogan: “I will reinstate the death penalty. We will behead the traitors”

However, hundreds of thousands of Turks gathered at the great event held at the Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul, for the ceremony in which it was renamed July 15. The organizers talk about 5 million people, the opposition says this number is excessive.

There, Erdogan held a triumphant speech, which was quite hard. On the one hand he promised to restore the death penalty, on the other hand he sent a message to Europe that he was not interested in what “Hans or George” says.

“We will rip the traitors’ heads”, he said in his speech.

They showed no mercy when they turned their weapons on my people. What did my people have? They had their flags, like today, and they had something more important, they had their faith”, he said.

“I personally do not care what Hans and George says, I care what Ahmet, Mehmet, Aishe and Hattize are saying. I will sign the Death Penalty Law when they bring me the decision”.

The accused will wear special uniforms, such as the ones in Guantanamo!

Erdogan pointed out how the accused of the coup attempt must appear in court. He proposed to be brought in court wearing orange uniforms, according to the Guantanamo standards. “We can not bring them to court all fresh”, the President said. Erdogan’s instructions came after some of Gülen’s followers were brought to court wearing jerseys that wrote “hero”, which caused the reaction of public opinion. But it is the first time the Turkish president has spoken about the methods of Guantanamo.

Opposition parties were absent from Parliament

Turkey, however, shows great signs of division as the ceremony held in the Turkish Parliament, which last year had been bombed during the coup attempt, was not attended by the two largest opposition parties. The CHP abstained because it did not “find a seat” for its chairman in the protocol, while the pro-Kurdish HDP had refused to participate from the start as 12 of their MPs, including Selahattin Demirtas, remain in jail.

“It has been a year since an epic was written during one of the darkest nights”, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said while paying tribute to the “martyrs” who “gave their lives for the State”.

Erdogan also inaugurated a monument dedicated to the 247 victims of the failed coup on the Asian side of the “Martyrs Bridge on July 15”, and later went to Ankara to speak at 02:00 Sunday morning, the time when the coup instigators had bombed the Parliament building./IBNA